3 Devices That Make Remote Learning Easier

Whether you’re in school or working for a clinic like Northwest Surgery Center, it’s likely that remote working or at least having the option to do so is more common than ever. Thanks to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote learning is a more viable option than ever before, however doing so can be difficult without the right technology or equipment. 

Whether you’re looking for some necessary additions to your home office or looking to make working on the go easy, here are 3 pieces of technology that make learning remotely easier. 

High Quality Headphones

Attending virtual meetings is easier with a pair of high quality headphones. Noise cancelling headphones can limit distractions throughout the workday, and can improve the quality of the audio you are able to hear during a meeting. Investing in a high quality of headphones such as Beats or Airpod Pros are a great idea for those who will be frequently doing remote work. 

Second Screen 

While doing work from a laptop might be a viable option, switching over to a standard PC and investing in a second monitor. This is great for being able to stay in a meeting while opening up an external link or attachment. For long work days, having a second screen even makes it possible to watch videos or consume other media while staying on top of your work as you can do both from each of your monitors. Investing in a new PC set up and a second monitor can be a pricey, fairly large addition to your home office setup, but it is one that will make your day to day worklife easier. 


While having access to a tablet in addition to a computer might seem unnecessary to the average employee, many experts advise that it is actually an investment which can make staying on top of schoolwork and projects in the office simpler than ever. From taking notes in the classroom to having the ability to draw up floor plans and projects for your clients, having a tablet such as an iPad can make your responsibilities in the office easier to manage. Plus, using a tablet to do work on the go can be easier for staying on top of projects even while you are out of the office. 

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