3 Must-Have Characteristics of Successful Business Leaders

What sets successful business leaders apart from the rest? As entrepreneurship and business leadership professions continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to learn just what it takes to be better than the competition.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 3 must-have characteristics of successful business leaders. Take a short break from looking into the latest microblades, and let’s get right into it!


Perhaps one of the most important characteristics needed to be a successful business leader is self-awareness. Without self-awareness, business leaders may struggle to identify or clarify their personal strengths and weaknesses, which is paramount to leading a team effectively and productively. 

Self-awareness is a non-negotiable when it comes to being a successful business leader – not only because it allows leaders to be conscious of their strengths and weaknesses, but it also helps them with emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is another must for people who are in the role of leading others. Without control over one’s emotions, a leader may act on impulse or ego, which is detrimental to building a healthy team and business.


You may be surprised to see compassion on the list of must-have characteristics of successful business leaders. However, it’s arguably just as important for a leader to have compassion as it is for them to have self-awareness. Fortunately, the two powerful characteristics typically go hand in hand.

A business leader’s main role is to understand people. How can a leader whose role it is to get to the depth and essence of a person do this if they lack compassion? Compassion is the ability for one to understand what someone is going through, and it’s crucial that business leaders have this ability if they want to lead a team to success.


It takes a lot of courage to be a successful business leader. Business leaders are met with challenges and risks each day, and they need to have what it takes to face them head-on with determination and a can-do attitude. Any successful business leaders know that there’s no growth or opportunity without a little vulnerability. Instead of shying away from the fear of the unknown, effective business leaders have the courage to take those leaps of faith.

Vulnerability plays a key role in courage, and it’s important to embrace the power behind it. Countless business leaders who’ve reached the top got there by taking chances on what hasn’t been done before.

Final Thoughts 

Many varied characteristics make up a successful business leader, but we’ve emphasized the 3 we find to be the most important. As long as you work to strengthen your self-awareness, compassion, and courage – you’re on the right track to being the best business leader you can be.

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