4 Shoes Every Women Should Pack for a Trip to Europe

European countries are known for their dressier fashion sense compared to those from the United States. Most Europeans have shoes and bags to match every outfit and always look so put together. As a tourist visiting from another country, you don’t want to stick out but rather blend in. Not only will this help you avoid scams and pickpocketers, but you’ll feel much more comfortable.

One way to do this is to pack the right shoes. Now, comfort is key when it comes to packing shoes for a trip. If you have foot problems, such as bunions, it’s best to get them taken care of before you go on your trip at places like Northwest Surgery Center. This will allow you to walk much longer and see all the places you want without limitations or discomfort.

So, let’s dive into the type of shoes you should pack when going on a trip to Europe.

Casual Walking Sneakers

You’re going to rely on your walking sneakers a lot, especially if you’re one to go on a lot of tours around new cities. Fortunately, sneakers are trending right now in Europe, so you won’t look too out of place when you wear them. Five years ago, you would hardly see someone casually wearing sneakers.

Some of the best casual sneakers right now are Nike Airforce Ones and Adidas Superstars. They are comfortable and go with almost every outfit. To stay trendy, try to find a white sneaker. Just be aware that you’ll have to clean them more often. You might want to pack some shoe polish just in case.

Walking Sandal

If you’re visiting Europe during the summer months, then you’re going to want to bring a comfortable walking sandal. Sometimes sneakers are just too warm to wear under the hot Italian sun.

Search for a sandal with cushioned support that contours to your foot. Also, don’t choose flip-flops to wear in public as this is seen as very touristy. Instead, choose a sandal with a strap around the back.

Dress Shoe or Heel

When you want to go to a nice restaurant for dinner or out to a club or party, then you’ll need to wear a dress shoe or heel. Wearing these shoes casually is popular in Europe, so you don’t want to be caught without a pair.

Be aware of the cobblestone streets in many European cities, though. This can make it very difficult to walk in stilettos or thin heels. If you aren’t comfortable walking in these heels, opt for a wedged shoe instead.

Ballet Flats or Loafers

You can never go wrong with ballet flats or loafers. These shoes can be dressed up or worn casually, especially if you’re traveling to Europe in the autumn or winter. They’re also super easy to pack in your bag, so they won’t take up too much space.

It’s best to choose a black or neutral color flat or loafer, so it goes with most of your outfits. Remember, Europeans wear darker and more neutral colors.

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