5 Examples of blogs that make profit via their passion

The best blogs out there at the moment have to be the ones that ooze with passion from their creators and writers. Without passion, dedication and of course talent I find that blogs seem generic – and let’s face it, there are an abundance of generic blogs already out there!

Some of my favourite blogs would not be able to survive if they were not turning over a profit. Through affiliate marketing, guest posting and other avenues, there are a number of blogs pulling in a tidy profit each month. Here are five that I love to read and am really pleased that they are making money via their passion.

Lol football

Do you love football? Love satire? Then look no further than lolfootball.com, this satirical football site was built on passion but quickly turned into a money maker for it’s creator. The fact that each article is written with such care, humour and wittiness has ensured that Lol football keeps going from strength to strength. The content is so good, I really do hope these guys go right to the top!

Pinch of yum

Food blogs are slowly beginning to take over, I am sure you’ve all seen those mouth watering videos doing the rounds on social media. My favourite food blog is Pinch of yum, a fantastic blog with some super easy recipes to follow. What started off as a pet project now pulls in over $40,000 per month – I wish I got paid that much to follow my passion.

Just a girl and her blog

This blog is a fine example of a brilliant lifestyle blog. Abby, the creator, started off by blogging about the topics she loved and soon found that she had a massive audience. Having such a loyal base meant that she was able to monetize her blog, she did this in a number of different ways; a book about how to build a blog, a course teaching how to write a book and affiliate marketing.


This guy started his travel blog to tell his tales whilst he visited every country in the world. Just recently, Johnny, finished 197/197 countries. But, that is not the best part, he made 1.5 million dollars from his blog along the way. He also has affiliate links with companies on his site to make sure that his grand total keeps ticking over.

Dumb passive income

A man called Matt started this marketing blog. His passion is making money online and that’s why he is constantly sharing great content with his huge number of readers. Matt makes a decent amount of money each month from his blog, even though he still has a day job he is more than determined to make sure his blog gives him a nice amount of passive income each month.

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