5 Most Beautiful Flowers Grown in India

There is a famous saying that the earth laughs in flowers. The most beautiful creation of the creator of the world is definitely the flowers and India is a land of diversity where you would often find an exquisite range of flowers. From congratulating people for achieving something or to show sympathy, to decorate the household or to express love to someone, a flower is a perfect thing one needs.

Some of the most beautiful flowers grown in India are listed here which one would find easily in any florist shop in India. If you have interest in gardening, you may grow these pretty flowers in your home and add more beauty to life.

Carnations: This is a very famous flower of Europe but it has become a recent favorite among the florists in India. As a flower gift for mom or girlfriend or sister, this flower is a great choice. It also symbolizes fascination and distinction. For the upcoming festive season, you can gift this wonderful flower to your loved ones.


Rose: This flower needs no introduction at all. This is the queen of the floral world and it grows everywhere in the world easily. There are three prime rosarium or rose gardens in Chandigarh, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu. On a variety of occasions from birthday to wedding, anniversary to mother’s day, a rose is the simplest gift. Over 100 species of roses are there and all of them vary in shape, size, and color. Red is the most familiar color of rose which is the best medium express romantic love. The captivating beauty and enticing fragrance of this flower make it the most sought-after flower.


Dahlia: This big flower is grown throughout India and is planted in spring season because too hot or humid weather is unsuitable for its growth. This flower would be a lovely option if you have a garden. The bright blooms would radiate with energy making you happy. This flower is the symbol of uniqueness, strength, commitment, and harmony. As a gift for a housewarming party, this flower would be a great choice.


Jasmine: Jasmine has a soothing fragrance that calms the mind. Women love to wear it around their hair buns to enhance their gorgeous looks. Simply sprinkle some jasmine flowers in a bowl of water and it would keep your mind fresh all through the day. In many essential oils, this flower is used generously because of its de-stressing capabilities. Growing a jasmine plant in your home would assure a healthy life for sure.

Frangipanis or Plumeria: This is the most beautiful and exotic flower found in India and it is widely known for the sweet fragrance and a pristine white appearance. Although they look very delicate they are quite tough to sustain any kind of hardship put by nature. This flower is also used in women floral jewelry to make the gorgeous ladies look more beautiful.

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