5 Reasons Why Rideshare Insurance Matters So Much to New Drivers

While car insurance is a legal must-have, it’s especially important for rideshare drivers to understand the in’s and out’s of their policies.

You can’t assume that your coverage as a rideshare driver is the same as your personal policy. As noted in this definitive guide to rideshare insurance, most providers do not cover rideshare drivers explicitly and could in fact drop your coverage if you aren’t careful.

Besides, there are tons of contributing safety concerns that have the potential to impact rideshare drivers on any given day on the job. If you’re mulling over the idea of explicit rideshare insurance, consider the following what-if situations and how they could potentially affect your need for professional coverage.

Distracted Driving

This is perhaps the most prevalent cause of accidents and mishaps among rideshare drivers. Between loud passengers and fiddling with your rideshare or navigation app, there’s a lot that can potentially distract you from the road. The dangers are distracted driving are well-documented to the public, which is all the more reason why you need to focus on the road at all times.

As a rideshare driver, learning how to drown out distractions can be a challenge. The better you know your area and otherwise don’t get caught up in what your passenger is up to, the more poised you are to have problem-free rides.


Time is money in the world of ridesharing; however, that’s no excuse to break the speed limit. Trying to get to your destination at breakneck speed might seem like a smart idea, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. Not only could speeding put yourself and your passengers in danger, but also land you with negative reviews for not respecting the rules of the road.

Unexpected Weather

Regardless of where you live, mother nature is often looking to make your drive a bit more difficult. Driving in dangerous conditions certainly isn’t ideal, but it’s perhaps one of the better times to make money as a rideshare driver as more people would prefer to not be the ones behind the wheel. Rain, snow and heavy winds are the reason for “act of God” coverage which keeps you secure in case of a freak accident or storm.

Poor Road Conditions

Much like the weather, sometimes poor conditions on the road can put our vehicles out of commission. If you live in an area with heavy construction (think: which could result in nails in your tires) or potholes, you need to pay extra attention such conditions.

Car Trouble

Routine maintenance is an absolute must for rideshare drivers, but excessive car troubles could quickly become a safety issue. Be aware of the most common types of car trouble to avoid potential jerking, stalling or engine troubles while you’re with a passenger.

And on a final note, remember that sometimes you can be the safest driver in the world and still suffer an accident at the hands of someone else. Not everything is in your control when you operate on the open road.

Rather than worry about “what-if” situations, take the time to the understand your auto coverage and take action accordingly if you’re a rideshare driver. Doing so will provide you much needed peace of mind in your pursuit to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

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