5 Steps To Drive More Traffic Towards Your Site

Getting the most from your website is the whole reason for spending the exhaustive amount of time and brain power developing your unique branding and compiling it into an informative source for potential customers or clients to locate you. So, how can you make sure that your site is receiving the amount of traffic that you hoped for when building your site? Here are five expert tips on how to drive more traffic to your website.

LSI or Long Tail Keywords

SEO changes regularly requiring you to keep up to date with new policies and protocols for search engine optimization. One of these more recent changes is the transition from simply using repetitive keywords in a post or article format in order to rank higher in search engine results. This outdated method has been updated to a longer form of keyword that is typically 3 to 4 phrases long and is phrased as a potential client would phrase it when performing a search.

Connecting wth your potential customers means understanding what they are looking for and how they go about finding it. Once you have this understanding you can effectively position Long Tail Keyword phrases throughout your site to increase the number of search engine hits moving you up in the result rankings.

Create a Forum

Forums are a vital way to connect with your readers and potential followers by interacting with them directly. Creating a forum on a specific topic allows your readers to respond to questions that you may have, and provide important feedback that you may not have access to otherwise.

Cross Promotion

When creating your forum or commenting on someone else’s site, comment or forum keep in mind cross promotion. This is where you promote someone who comments on your site’s site asking that they reciprocate. Cross Promotion allows you to reach a wider audience with the same amount of work while developing a network of peers to expand your promotional efforts.

Promotional CoOp Sites

Submitting your posts to sites like StumbleUpon and Copromote provides you with access to millions of people looking for what you have to say or are posting about. These sites are specifically created for promoting content that may not be easily located through traditional search methods.

Get Creative with Headlines

Newspaper editors and publishers have understood for centuries the value of an eye-catching headline and its power to promote an article or the paper in general. Your website’s home page is no different.

Each and every post that you upload should have a catchy and well thought out headline to draw in readers. Take your time when creating catchy headlines to ensure that they make sense and create interest to the reader, because too many unrelated headlines, no matter how catchy will put your reader off and eventually make them stop clicking on your posts.

Keeping on top of current SEO guidelines while using some creativity and staying abreast of new promotional sites while using unique methods to put your product in front of your customer’s eyes is the best way to improve traffic flow to your site. Remaining on top of this ever-changing process needs to be a regular task for any website to be successful

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