Age of the Gods Slots Timeline

The Age of Gods is returning yet again for its 8th release! Since the first release back in April 2016, slots players cannot get enough of this truly epic game. If you’re a newbie or simply want to know a bit more about the Age of Gods then check out the neat time-line put together by online slots site, bgo.

This game is based on the popular theme of Greek Mythology (and the best type of mythology in our opinion), The most imposing figure is Zeus, the king of all the other gods and men and definitely not someone you get on the wrong side of. He was the youngest child, and eventually overthrew his parents, Cronus and Rhea of the last titans. Now his main role is being top of the throne and the King of Gods! In the original game, ‘Age of Gods’ the Zeus free spins is at the start of the bonus round with 1x multiplier increases when its goes through every 3 spins! Definitely a boost fit for the Gods.

But let’s not forget another notable Goddess, Athena: who is the Goddess of wisdom and courage (and actually a lot more), she is the daughter of Zeus and apparently his favourite, much so Athena actually has jackpot slot based on her in the series called ‘Age of the Gods Athena Goddess of Wisdom, you can crack this jackpot which is over a cool £240k!

Although the slot game you have been waiting for is the Age of Gods – Midas touch, unfortunately we do not know in the ins and out of the slot game itself yet, we are pretty sure it will feature the legendary King whose touch turns everything to gold, though that didn’t work out good for him but let’s hope you can reap better rewards!

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