Andaman Honeymoon package

A honeymoon is the most beautiful and effective way to strengthen the newly formed bond. It was during this time that newlyweds began to respect the intimacy of their new relationship. Coming to the Andamans to celebrate the love and reunion of two people strengthens their relationship. The romantic climate and beautiful scenery of this place make your honeymoon successful. Andaman honeymoon packages are designed in this way, with which you can visit beautiful tourist attractions.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, with their white and golden sandy beaches, turquoise water, and tropical forests, are a symbol of pure beauty. So these islands are considered to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in India, which is not very different from any foreign land. There is no other place in India that can compromise with the Andamans.

Perfect time for honeymooners to visit the Andaman – 

You can visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at any time of the year. Its climate is such that you can see it all year round. This place is blessed with pleasant weather, which feels very rare fluctuations in temperature. So, the weather remain the same throughout the year. You can discover something new every season on this mysterious island. But experts say the best season to visit and explore the island is from November to mid-May. So October to May is considered as the best time for Honeymooners.

Ideal duration for honeymoon in the Andaman Islands – 

Andaman is a vast island that takes about 4-5 days to fully tour. Honeymooners are a little different from other tourists, so they can take their own time to enjoy the beauty of the island, which you will remember all your life that you spent some quality time with your partner.

You should take part in the activities here to make the Andaman honeymoon more memorable. Although there are many activities here, only a few things can make your honeymoon unique or unforgettable. Andaman Tour Packages are made especially significant and valuable for newlyweds to meet their leisure and travel needs!

You can go for a long drive to Chidia Tapu Munda hill beach to enjoy the beauty of the delicious and lazy evening sun of the tropical forest. You can enjoy the sea-front dinner date at Sinclair’s will make your holiday memorable. Try walking the two of them together at sea in Havelock or North Bay Island and also see the light and sound presentation on Ross Island, which will surely delight you.

Some undeniable charm that makes Andamans best honeymoon destination 

  • The beautiful virgin islands are covered with green dense rain forests that combine with blue waters and white sandy beaches and create a unique blend.
  • Long, Barren, take a cab from Port Blair to Diglipur and visit Ross, and Smith Islands sunset and sunrise will take you to another world, and the fantastic play of sun and sand will make you more memorable.
  • Jolly Boy, Elephant Beach, and the North Bay Islands unleash its deep-sea marine Treasure in front of tourists. All the living and captivating colorful corals and various marine animals and plants make the honeymoon experience even more compelling.
  • The natural beauty of the serene and pristine mangrove creeks of Baratang Island makes your most serene heart run wild. If you have a loved one, you can do this adventure with double the courage.
  • There are many more reasons to help make the Andamans a romantic day and ideal for spending time with your loved one. Its perfect sandy beach catches the life in front of you.
  • Rainforest, tropical fruit trees, sea salt filled with sea air, and the aroma of fresh seafood in the seaside restaurant make your honeymoon experience more unforgettable.

The best Andaman Honeymoon Travel Itinerary

Six days and seven-night tour package is considered the best Honeymoon tour package.

Day 1: You are picked from Veer Savarkar Airport.

On the first day, you can enjoy leisure. In the afternoon some cities can visit the sights and of course can shop. Buy some fine seashell artifacts and jewelry for your loved one. In the evening, one can be mesmerized by the cellular gel’s mysterious light and sound show. Finally, enjoy dinner and overnight at the hotel of your choice in Port Blair.

Day 2: 

After breakfast, take a fascinating cruise from Port Blair to Havelock Island. You can then choose from three options: macros, coastal cruises, or green oceans that will cost you every penny you spend. After enjoying everything, spend the night in the honeymoon suite at Havelock Hotel.

Day 3: 

On the third day, enjoy the beauty of Radhanagar beach. Enjoy the intimate and best time with each other in the lap of nature. Here you will find optional candlelight dinners and decorated honeymoon suites by the sea.

Day 4: 

If you are lucky, you can enjoy the sight of baby turtles coming out of their shells the following day and then the baby turtles crawling towards the sea. Enjoy a variety of water sports throughout the day and spend the night at Havel in your favorite hotel.

Day 5: 

Check out from the Havelock Hotel or Resort and get ready to head to the Nile Island situated in Ritchie Islands. Take a windy cruise to Laxmanpur, Ramnagar, Bharatpur, and Sitapur secluded beaches for the two of you and enjoy the change of colors of the seawater. See the water change the color of light blue to dark blue and sometimes green. Enjoy the exposed coral wall at low tide on the beach. Snorkeling and shell collecting at Bharatpur beach are very enjoyable. Swim with the SAARC and see the unforgettable beauty of the sunlight at Sitapur beach. Also, take a glass-bottom boat ride with crystal clear blue water at Ramnagar beach. Apart from this, you should enjoy the beauty of the long sandy beach at Laxmanpur, and this is the right place to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Day 6: Excursion to Coral, Ross & Corbyn’s Cove beach

After breakfast, you can visit Ross Island, where you can enjoy a beautiful settlement established by the British in the colonial era. The leading destination of adventure and coral reefs in the northern bay you can reach by ferry. In the evening, visit the beautiful Corbyn’s Cove Beach and enjoy a romantic walk along the beach with your loved one as the smooth waves of the sea will soothe your feet and all your senses.

Day 7: Drop at Port Blair Airport

On day seven, you have to check out from the hotel, drop at the Veer Savarkar Airport, and carry the beautiful memory for life long.

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