Color Your Hair at Home With Salon Results

There are many reasons women decide to color their hair at home. Some women usually color their hair at home while other women have a regular stylist. Even though there may be a regular appointment, sometimes alternatives to salon treatments are necessary to maintain both color and condition. Luckily, products are available to color hair at home.

The ability to achieve salon color at home has become important for many women. To be able to achieve the correct color that matches the skin tone and does not damage the hair follicles is the goal for those seeking a change in color or to cover gray hair. Most of the time, this is achieved at a hair salon. Salon hair is shiny and saturated with color. It appears healthy and the color lasts for several weeks without fading and becoming dull. Many advances in hair care have allowed for sleek and shiny hair to be done at home. Companies like Madison Reed make it possible to achieve the desired color without damaging the hair.

It is a benefit to be able to dye hair at home with results that look professional. Using the same questions and concepts as encountered during a salon visit, the best color is selected using the answers and effective algorithms. Using the mindset of professionals, at-home hair color can have the look of a professional. Of course, it is not just about the dye itself, the application of the dye is important too.

The best way to achieve professional results with your professionally selected hair dye is to use the same techniques as your stylist. It is important to apply the dye in small sections and be sure to dye each strand of hair. This is often achieved through the use of a brush and foils. Lining up the hair strands on foils allows the opportunity to visually check that each strand is receiving dye. Dye the roots last. It may be tempting to tackle the new growth first, but the hair closest to the scalp is subject to the heat from the scalp. This region will process much more quickly. To have even coverage, dye the roots last. To make sure every strand is covered, enlist the help of a friend or family member. Working the back of the head is much easier with a second set of hands.

There has been a surge of professional hair care products available in retail locations and for home delivery. Madison Reed is at the forefront of making at-home hair color a successful experience. By using mail-order opportunities, it is possible to keep a regular schedule of color maintenance at an affordable price. Using the same principles as salon stylists, the online order process is easy and designed to select the perfect color, mixed especially for each individual hair type. These can be one-time purchases or ongoing subscriptions. With a subscription, the dye kits are sent out at regular intervals. These services are half the price of salon color service. It is perfect for women who want or need to color their own hair. The cost savings make the DIY hair color as enticing as not having to leave home.

Women have been coloring hair at home for many decades. Fortunately, advances in dye and the coloring process have allowed home hair color to look as good as salon color. Some products will color hair without chemicals that harm the body, the hair, and the environment. With patience and an extra set of hands, shiny and healthy hair color can be achieved at home.

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