Dan Schatt: Start Buying Crypto Through New Earnity Platform

Cryptocurrency is gaining ground in Spring 2022 amid the volatility of traditional stocks. Fortunately, individuals interested in buying crypto but don’t know where to start can find the perfect starting point at the new social cryptocurrency platform Earnity, backed by financial experts Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa. Here is a primer on what you need to about this up-and-coming marketplace and platform.

Earnity stands out from other cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, or DeFi, businesses due to its unique social-first philosophy. Users of the platform can easily communicate with and follow communities on the platform. Likewise, they can form their own crypto communities according to their interests. And they can do all of this while making crypto purchases and trading these digital assets right away, according to Domenic Carosa.

The platform is also drawing positive attention due to being a secure place for buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrency. Dan Schatt said that he and the team have worked hard to ensure that the marketplace is a safe place for today’s online consumers.

Yet another reason why the platform is piquing the interest of buyers is that it is a convenient one-stop shop for everything crypto. On the platform, users can find recent updates, dependable payment options involving the use of their smartphones, and thematic collections. This makes the platform a top solution for individuals seeking information on the newest metaverse developments and supporters of Layer 1 networks. Likewise, according to Schatt and Carosa, students of decentralized finance and individuals who would like the latest insights on non-fungible tokens can find value in the platform.

Both Schatt and Carosa maintain track records of success in the banking and payment industry. Before founding the new marketplace, Schatt oversaw PayPal’s financial innovations for six years, spearheading the business’s first cash offerings for underbanked and unbanked individuals. Carosa has served as the chairman and founder of leading payment service provider Banxa.com since 2013.

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