Designing The Perfect Home For The Digital Nomad

Just because you travel the world moving from place to place for a few months at a time, doesn’t mean that you can’t have all of the digital comforts that make your nomad lifestyle home. What it does mean is being specific about your needs, wants, and work requirements so that you can have the home and work environment that you enjoy without having to lug around massive amounts of cables and equipment each time that you move; that may not even be compatible with your new location’s utility arrangements. Here are some suggestions to creating the perfect digital nomad home.

Wireless Surround Sound Mini Speakers

Long gone are the need for bulky space consuming speakers in order to have an excellent surround sound entertainment system. Although they are much smaller than their predecessors, smaller speakers have the same great sound making them an excellent travel option.

Wireless speaker units are available in many sizes, and formats that include WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility allowing you to arrange them around your home for the best acoustics as well as positioning them in unobtrusive locations for esthetics.

All-In-One Television Units

Televisions have transitioned from being large bulky tube filled box units to sleek flat screens, like those found at the OLED TV sale here, that are capable of connecting directly to the internet without a bunch of accessories so that you can have an attractive entertainment/work area while continuing to have the versatility, picture, and connection speeds that you have been used to with traditional cable.

Opting for a television console that has built-in internet, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities provide you with access to both television channels and internet streaming without the added equipment of routers and modems minimizing the amount of equipment that you need to move, and streamlining your home entertainment center in the process.

Universal Power Adapters

Traveling from country to country as a digital nomad brings with it one serious complication, power sources. Since different countries use different power grids and types of electricity, it is important to have a high-quality adapter to avoid electrical overloads of your equipment. This is similar to having surge protectors at home to avoid power surges from damaging your equipment.

Before moving, verify the amp, wattage, and load requirements that are used in the country that your will be moving to, and purchase adapters that will convert the power correctly. These can be a little pricey depending on the size and model. However, it is worth the expense since it could prevent you from needing to replace all of your electronic equipment in the long run.

Secure Hanging Accessories

Homes around the world are made in a variety of materials and building formats. Certain types of home construction such as stucco or adobe require special accessories for securing wall hangings in place, especially heavy wall hangings such as a TV monitor.

Having on hand where ever you plan to live next, a variety of quality hanging accessories that are both removable and permanent will allow you to position your electronics, speakers, and receiver equipment in the way that works best for you without damaging walls or equipment in the process; no matter what your walls are made of.

Having a quality home entertainment area as a digital nomad isn’t hard with all of the all-in-one and wireless technology available on the market today. It just takes understanding the environment that you will be moving to and designing a light-weight and portable system that will work with your new environment.

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