Factors That Determine How Long It Takes to Solve a Jigsaw Puzzle and Tips to Help You

The length of time needed to finish a jigsaw puzzle can differ based on numerous factors, including the puzzler’s size, complexity, and level of expertise. A little puzzle with only a few pieces can take only a few minutes, whereas a large puzzle with thousands of parts might take hours or even days. The difficulty level of a puzzle can also impact how long it takes to complete, with more intricate or sophisticated designs taking longer.

The main factors that affect how long it takes to finish a jigsaw puzzle are as follows:

  • The puzzle’s size

The size of the pieces in jigsaw puzzle art games can make them difficult. Larger pieces make a puzzle easier to finish since they each convey more information, or clues, about what other pieces they link to.

It also relies on the shapes of the puzzle pieces. Jigsaw puzzles are easier to assemble when the pieces are cut into a grid and have the same corners on both sides. Strip-cut pieces have interlocking corners and a variety of peg and hole forms. The terms “ribbon cut” and “traditional cut” are also used to describe them. They have repeated patterns and regular rows.

The hardest puzzles to solve are those with random cuts since the components have no obvious pattern. The shapes may recur despite being scattered randomly throughout the puzzle.

  • How complex the patterns of the pieces are

This feature is noteworthy since, initially, many think a puzzle would be easier to assemble if it had fewer colors. But if you think about it, it makes more sense that a puzzle with just one lonely color would be harder than one with ten, right?

The one-color puzzle lacks a pattern that would show which pieces go where. However, by aligning the colors, the ten-color puzzle would provide suggestions, making it easier to solve. On the other hand, jigsaw puzzles with dozens of distinctive hues, designs, patterns, and colors are extremely hard to solve.

  • The player’s level of skills and interest in solving puzzles

The amount of time it takes to finish a puzzle will mostly depend on who is solving the puzzle pieces. If they enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and do so regularly, they will finish the puzzle more quickly. The puzzle could take longer if the solver is only a casual puzzler. Even if people only sometimes solve puzzles, they might do so only if they find the puzzle genre interesting.

  • The number of participants in the jigsaw puzzle

1000-piece jigsaw art games are among the most challenging to solve. However, the number of individuals working on the puzzle could also have a big impact. A 1,000-piece puzzle might take two people longer than it would take five to finish. However, the one exception in the abovementioned situation is the capacity for puzzle-solving. The first might win if two skilled puzzle solvers compete against 5 inexperienced puzzle solvers. 

Now that you are aware of the factors that can determine how long it will take you to solve a jigsaw puzzle let’s now take a closer look at some of the strategies that can help you solve your jigsaw puzzle quickly.

  • Start by sorting the edge pieces

If you want to solve your jigsaw puzzle faster, you must be smart even before you even start solving the puzzle. One of the best strategies to solve a jigsaw puzzle pretty faster is to first start by sorting through and gathering the edge pieces.

This strategy is very effective since the edge pieces can be identified easily. It makes it simple to identify the edges, making it easy and faster to complete the puzzle.

  • Start working from the corners

Another incredible tip to help you solve your jigsaw art games faster is to start from the corners. You can pick one of the corners and slowly work your way out of it while taking a look at the reference image of the puzzle given. 

  • If you get stuck, ask for help

If you don’t intend to solve the jigsaw puzzle all by yourself, it makes sense to ask for help from a friend or family member. They can come with fresh eyes and easily find a spot for a piece that you hadn’t seen yourself. What’s more, they can make the game more enjoyable. 

  • Practice more

If you want to increase the timeline at which you solve your jigsaw puzzle, you must practice more. Whenever you have free time, you can attempt to solve a jigsaw puzzle. Solve as many jigsaw puzzles as you can. You can also try larger puzzles to hone your jigsaw puzzle-solving skills.  

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