Five Fantastic Experiences in The Opulent Dubai

Have you been to Dubai before? If not then I would strongly recommend that you make plans to discover this Middle Eastern city as soon as you can. I was lucky enough to live in Dubai for over 6 months after finding some temporary work there and during those months I really got to know this city inside out. The postcard image shows decadence with luxury cars, seven star hotels, a daring man-made archipelago of a Palm tree, as well as a whole range luxury tours in Dubai.  Whilst you can find this in the city, there is much more of Dubai to explore than just that.

Taking a Cruise

When I had some time off I was searching for fishing trips in the UAE to get away for a while, when I found an experience which really caught my eye. The Alexandra Dhow cruise dinner was just what I needed after my last day before the holidays and I would really recommend it. A classically designed cruise liner with a restaurant on both the upper and lower decks, delicious food and some local entertainment to boot, all under the night sky.

Dizzying Heights

You become used to walking past the tallest building in the world after a while, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular than it is. The Burj Khalifa dominants the Dubai skyline and a visit to the 148th floor observation deck is an absolute must.

Gardens Galore

Dubai does nothing in half measures and that includes botanical gardens, the Miracle Garden in Dubai is a remarkable place and 100% recommended. Occupying over 72,000 meters, the largest of its kind in the world, Miracle Garden is split into many different section of flowers, shrubs, hedge rows and designer gardens. If you want to get out of the city for a breath of fresh air, Miracle Garden is the place to do so.

Snow Chance

What better way to experience the madness of Dubai than to go skiing on a real snow mountain, here in the middle of the desert. Inside the Emirates shopping mall is where you’ll find this unique experience and its size and sheer ambition is worth the entry fee alone. This 80 meter mountain has 3 runs and even features a snow-park where you can hit ramps and half-pipes. I love the wild variation of Dubai and this is one of the best examples of this in the city.


Brunch is a big deal in Dubai, and not just on Sundays, the best experience that I had during  my time there however, was at the incredible Atlantis Hotel on the Palm. Aside from the views which you get from this hotel which sits at the top of the aforementioned archipelago, the Brunch experience in this luxury hotel is amazing. The choices of Brunches range from Asian style, Chinese, Italian or even British style from the Bread Street Kitchen. Brunches in Dubai usually last 5 or 6 hours and involve delicious food and plenty of Champagne, of all the brunches which I tried, the Atlantis experience was the most enjoyable, and the tastiest!

What are you most looking forward to about going to Dubai? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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