How can you use QR codes to promote your goods and services nowadays?

Given the rapid advancement of technology and increasing competitiveness, tremendous opportunities for the use of technological advances to advertise goods are available.

QR codes are widely used now owing to the accessibility of a QR code generator online. Marketing companies use this two-dimensional barcode to endorse brands’ goods and services while also attracting more customers in a modern digital way. Many brands consider this technological tool to be part of the online marketing strategy.

As the number of smartphone and internet-enabled mobile devices increases, we can see businesses using QR codes as portals to their smartphone-optimized landing pages and deploying their famous mobile applications.

What essentially a QR code is?

A QR code, which is an abbreviation for “Quick Response Code,” is a type of matrix barcode that Masahiro Hara first developed in 1994 for vehicle manufacturing means in Japan.

A QR code can store various data types, including a URL, a document, a video, or an audio file.

When scanned with a phone camera or a QR code reader, the QR code provides immediate access to data.

How can QR codes be used in marketing your products and services?

QR code technology has a wide range of applications in product advertising. These are some of the best QR code solutions for promoting your products, engaging your customers, and increasing sales.

1. Create a seamless paper to video transition with QR codes

Marketers are more inclined to use videos to promote their products today. Consumers are more visually oriented, and they prefer interacting with content that contains videos and images.

It also conveys more information in a shorter period than message mainstream press. It also effectively participates and enhances your audience’s emotions.

When scanning a video QR code on paper, the code will point scanners directly to a video display about the product. It makes it simple to watch a video on a smartphone device right away.

2. For sustainability efforts, place a QR code on the product packaging

Today, customers generally are environmentally aware and are more likely to support a company that aims to minimize the impact on the environment.

With that notion, you can make your product packaging more sustainable by converting your URL of the webpage of how each product is manufactured and where the components are sourced into a dynamic URL QR code.

Having these codes on your product lets you focus on educating your consumer about your item or service while also allowing them to purchase a similar product or supplementary products that can be useful for them.

3. Boost your online presence with a QR code from social media.

It is also essential to be active on social media to promote your products to a larger audience. Marketers can use a social media QR code to store their social media pages and attract new followers, likes, and subscriber base by simply putting them in locations where visitors can see and scan the code, as it is an indispensable component of marketing presently.

4. Billboards with QR codes displayed

You can create and add customized QR codes and place them on billboard ads using a QR code generator with a logo online. This lets you capture your target audience’s attention and encourage them to scan the QR code to find out what information lies ahead.


QR codes are a gamifying instrument widely used in the advertising industry today. Marketing companies can accomplish effective campaign results with valuable benefits such as scanning convenience, configurable data, and more.

Because it is so essential to advertising companies these days, adopting its use to measure their marketing better is possible thanks to its customizable and monitoring essence.

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