How to Earn Money While on Your Coffee Break?

A lot of people nowadays use the opportunity to improve their financial status by working part-time as telecommuters. However, this strategy does have a downside. Being a copywriter, blogger and web designer simply takes too much time. Sure, for workaholics or those who believe they can squeeze several additional work hours into their schedule, there’s nothing wrong with this. However, what about people who simply want to spend the rest of their day doing something else? Luckily, there are more than several methods by which you can earn money while on your coffee break.

1. Clicking on ads

The first thing you should consider is ad clicking. The main reason behind this lies in the fact that you can do it for 5 or 10 minutes and then carry on doing so later on. This is quite different from the idea of writing a blog post which would take hours. Sure, splitting this task in half can work, but it would mean losing your train of thought, probably even set a different tone for the rest of your article. With ad clicking, this is a purely mechanical task that can be performed effortlessly and without much focus. Of course, the profit increase isn’t that great but it’s more than appropriate when compared to the effort invested.

2. Doing online surveys

Another method to earn money without investing too much of your time is to complete paid surveys online. The way in which this works is fairly simple, you get to a paid survey site and fill in several requirements. Keep in mind that these surveys are vital for businesses who pay for them, so make sure to be as honest as possible. The fact that all of this is taking place online shrouds you in a veil of anonymity, which gives you the privilege of answering everything with 100 percent honesty without any fear.

3. Selling items on eBay

This particular task is something you can perform while at home and then get to reap the benefits later on. You see, people online are willing to pay for virtually anything. This ranges from toilet paper rolls to egg cartons and box tops. In other words, while making money, you also get a chance to declutter your home, which is yet another plus. The ROI for all of these sales is 100 percent, seeing as how you would probably discard all of these items either way. Now, you’re at least getting paid to do so.

4. Invest

Another great idea for making passive income lies in investing in trends like cryptocurrencies, stocks, art and real estate. Sure, this is a tad more expensive moneymaking method (as well as a bit riskier), yet, every investment or venture carries its own portion of risk. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to invest a small fortune. You can start with relatively modest amounts and then invest more and more, as you start feeling comfortable and as your profit starts rolling in.

5. Data entry

Similar  to ad clicking, data entry brings you a small amount of profit for a small amount of effort. This work is menial and repetitive but those with a great typing speed may be able to earn a modest amount even during their lunch break. Subsequently, this is one of those tasks that are great as a gap-filler for those who already work as telecommuters. For instance, a content writer who spends an entire day working on a whitepaper might find it relaxing to do something simple and repetitive during their break.

6. Complete tasks on Fiverr

At the end of the day, platforms like Fiverr are the place where people all over the world gather to offer their services for $5. Of course, more complex tasks may come at a significantly larger price, However, the nature and the price of the task are yours to decide. Regardless if you’re a designer making simple graphs or a voice actor reading a script written in a file, there are ways to make money. Moreover, there are people selling their gaming abilities by offering to play 1v1 against a person who decides to pay them for this service.


As you can see, making money online is an umbrella term, ranging from high-skill tasks (design, writing, tutoring) to providing menial, simple and repetitive services to individuals and organizations. While it’s possible to combine these tasks in whatever way you see fit, remember that your time has value and don’t be too eager to undersell it. Before you start, make sure that the task you’re embarking on is, indeed, worth your time.

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