How to Maintain Work/Life Balance With a Remote Job

Having the opportunity to work remotely is a blessing for employees in a variety of industries all over the world; however, working outside of the confines of a traditional office can have its own negative effects for some. Whether you work from home promoting legend air suspension products or work remotely as a freelance writer while you travel the world, here are a few tips for maintaining a positive work/life balance even without the structure of reporting to a typical office.

1. Set A Schedule

Having the flexibility to work from anywhere might lead you to feeling like you need to be available or doing work 24/7. The key to avoiding this is setting a strict schedule for the hours you wish to do work, and for the time that you wish to dedicate to yourself while not being on the clock. For some people, this can mean working the same hours everyday similar to the way they would work in a traditional office; for others, schedules can vary week to week depending on workload. Establishing a set schedule for working hours can help to create a routine that ensures a sense of normalcy while working remotely, and allows employees to set firmer boundaries for the hours they do and do not want to work. 

2. Designate a Special Working Space

Keeping yourself physically separated from your home or other spaces during the workday can help you avoid associating certain areas with work even when you are off the clock. Whether you’re working from the comfort of your home or traveling the world with a remote job, designating a special room or area in which you will work exclusively is the key to maintaining a better sense of balance between your personal and professional life. 

3. Don’t Talk About Work

Within reason, talking about your job outside of your designated working hours can also allow the line between personal and professional to become blurred. While it is normal to share anecdotes about your day on the job and upcoming projects or deadlines with your friends, family, or spouse, it is important to try to keep talking about your job somewhat to a minimum in order to maintain a better sense of balance between work and home. 

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