Making Extra Money Without Going To Work – Here’s How!


These days it seems that more and  more people are looking for ways to make some money on the side without having to spend too much of their free time doing so. It can be easy to pick up a second job, but then aspects of your life suffer such as your social or family life. Now more than ever it is becoming more imperative that we find a decent balance between work and play, but with bills and costs of housing and food continually rising, it can be hard to have extra money with which to enjoy ourselves. Here are some top moneymaking tips you can try out that don’t take too much time (or may help stay at home parents make their own money!)

Playing Online Games

Wait, what? You can make money playing games online? Most people might find this a bit of a surprise, but the answer is yes! From online casino games to lottery games or you can even choose to play USA lotteries online from the comfort of your own home. The bonus is many casino sites don’t require deposits either, so there is literally no risk. USA lottery games are plentiful and often have enormous jackpots which can be won, sometimes into the hundreds of millions of dollars. So what are you waiting for? Check out how you can get your lucky numbers into the next big lottery in the states for your chance to seriously cash in.

Freelancing or Tutoring

Freelancing and the ‘Gig Economy’ is a huge, fast growing industry these days whereby individuals just like you provide ‘gigs’ or services in a specific field in exchange for money. Services can be anything from serious skilled areas like graphic design, wordpress design, SEO integration for websites all the way up to artistic things like portraiture, custom paintings, or even things like tarot reading. All of these things can help make money in your spare time or at home if you’re a stay at home parent or haven’t been able to find ‘traditional’ work. Tutoring is another great example of something that can be done on the side as well as teaching English. English students around the world are starting to prefer Skype lessons as well, allowing them to stay home for their lessons instead of having to go to a cafe or other place to do it in, saving both you and them time and money!

Cash In The Loft

Ever wonder how you could make Auntie Elsie’s old tea pot work for you? Take it to an antique dealer and get it appraised. A lot of old china, lamps and the like, especially from the turn of the century between 1800-1900 can be heavily valuable if it’s in good condition. Likewise anything like jewellry, glassware, or knick knacks can be extremely valuable if from specific collections, made by certain designers or come from a specific period. Check your loft and see what kinds of things are just hanging around collecting dust. Dust to dollars is the way to go, especially to help get rid of any clutter you may have!

So there you have a couple great ways to get some extra cash flow through your bank account, right in time for the holidays as well. So nwhich will you choose? Or will you choose all three? Good luck!

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