Organization is Peace

A lot of people think of the KonMari method as just another way of tidying up. Far from just tidying up, it is a way to de-clutter both your living space and your life. By getting rid of material objects that no longer serve a purpose, even if that only purpose is to bring you joy, you can metaphorically clear out your mind and get to a place of peace.

You might wonder where to start, or wonder what is the KonMari Method? It is a way of getting organized in a mindful way. It uses all of the senses you have at your disposal to make a decision to bring yourself great happiness. Keep reading for your handy little guide on how to do the Konmari method the right way, always keeping mindfulness at the forefront. She organizes her method into a checklist. Do one before the next and make sure you complete every step.


As with everything else in life, the first step toward being on your way to a KonMari style of tidying up is to commit to doing so. Realize that the only way to truly live an uncluttered lifestyle is to commit to the KonMari style long-term.

Visualize It

Next time you lie down to go to sleep, do an exercise. Make sure your body and mind are very relaxed, then imagine the components of your ideal life. Maybe you want comfort all around, maybe you have ambitions to work on. Have a clear image of what you want to be in your life.

Get Rid of Interruptions

For a lot of people, having outside distractions can be the cause of an impact on their ability to focus. Get rid of them. Work in a quiet area, leave your phone in the other room or put on a relaxing mix to keep you motivated.


Before you get to the actual tidying or organizing, you must clear the way. Get rid of things you neither need nor want to make more room for everything else later. Purge the utilitarian items first followed by the sentimental.

Organize by Category, Not Room

This follows the same as in the previous step, utilitarian to the sentimental, or easiest to hardest. Often more sentimental items cause us to pause and really look at them. By doing easier things first, it gives us the motivation to keep going.

Keep an Order

If you come across some more sentimental things while still organizing an easier category, instead of letting yourself lose focus, put them into a neat pile and come back to it later.

Does it Spark Joy?

Remember that amazing life you pictured? Go back. What about it brought you joy? With this feeling in mind, hold each item you have and see if it calls to mind something similar. If it doesn’t, toss it.

Avoid Too Much Sentimentality

Sentimental items are the hardest to get rid of. Hold it to you. Does it spark joy? Does it have a place in your ideal life? Keep it. If it does not, throw it away.

Short Timeframe

It is important that your tidying up not take forever and a day. With the KonMari method, it is important to get every step completed one after the other, allowing you to keep a steady momentum going.

Keep Clothes Organized

While a lot of the KonMari method is for one big clean up maybe every year or so, some parts like keeping clothing organized can be used on a daily basis. These are just little tips to keep your wardrobe tidy and easy to see, like putting clothes vertical instead of horizontal in the drawer. It is easier to see and takes up less space.

Give Everything a Home

When you are trying to live a KonMari-style life, it’s important that your mantra in the home be simplicity. When you use an item after its us put it back in its home. Use cupboards, drawers, and shelves to give everything a dedicated home.

It Gets Easier

The first time you get the clutter out of your life using the KonMari method, it may seem daunting. However, as you do it a few times, it gets easier and easier as there seems to be less and less that does not spark joy.

The KonMari method can truly give you the lifestyle that you envision for yourself. Everything in your life should make you happy, spark joy. Embrace simplicity and comfort.

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