Pros and Cons of Telehealth Appointments

Working, attending meetings, and gathering with others for both personal and professional reasons is more common than ever. With the rising popularity of remote work across the world, Telehealth appointments, or virtual appointments with medical professionals, have become an extremely popular and at times preferred method of seeking healthcare. While Telehealth is a completely secure, effective, and convenient way to meet with a doctor, there is no denying that doing so does come with its own set of disadvantages. If you are considering whether you should schedule a virtual appointment with a physician at a clinic like ThriveMD or head into the doctor’s office in person, let us help you review the pros and cons of Telehealth appointments. 


  • Accessibility

Those who live in rural areas without access to a particular medical expert or facility or those who are unable to drive to an appointment in person can access an appointment with a care provider hassle free.

  • Safety

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to put certain individuals at higher risk of severe illness upon exposure, attending appointments virtually is useful for those wishing to continue social distancing who don’t want to visit a potentially crowded medical facility in person. 

  • Faster Appointments

Many clinics are able to see patients virtually sooner than they would be able to fit them in for an in person appointment, making this a great option for those who want to speak to a professional as soon as possible. 


  • In Person Care Might Still Be Needed

It is not possible to do all aspects of every appointment virtually, especially for patients who require special procedures like blood work or other testing. This would require a follow up appointment at a later date, while going into the clinic in person could have allowed you to take care of everything at once. 

  • Security

Although healthcare professionals take all possible precautions and measures to ensure that your safety and privacy are protected when seeking care online, there are no guarantees when it comes to using the internet, and it is possible that your private medical information could be compromised while being transmitted electronically. 

  • Insurance Might Not Cover Telehealth Appointments

Fewer insurance companies cover virtual medical appointments than in person visits, meaning that those who seek care online might be forced to pay a partial or full fee for their visit, whereas it would be completely covered in person. 

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