Should I Use AI-Generated Content for My Business?

Whether you’re working as a consultant for Black Tie Moving or a copywriter for local businesses, you have probably heard of AI-generated content. There are positives and negatives for using this relatively new technology.

You may be asking, “should I use AI-generated content for my business?”

 Let’s get into it.

AI-Generated Content: Explained

AI-generated content has become increasingly popular over the last few years. This content uses natural language processing (NLP) to complete its task. NLP is a form of AI that has been designed to understand text similarly to how human’s can.

This AI technology receives text from its user and then generates content that’s similar by scanning thousands of online texts. Users simply input a few keywords, and the writing technology then formulates a fresh piece of content.  It’s mostly utilized for blog posts and social media content.

It Can Never Replicate a Human Mind

One of the drawbacks of using AI-generated content is that it will never be quite original. When you consider that this technology creates content based off of other content, this comes as no surprise. AI-generated content can understand text, but it can not understand emotions and feelings like humans can.

In turn, it’s usually quite clear when content has been created by AI technology. It severely lacks that human touch that most consumers can relate to. It’s important to tread carefully when solely using AI-generated content for your business because of the lack of originality and human characteristics.

Consider Google’s Rules for AI-Generated Content

Recently, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller pointed out that using AI-generated content could be considered a violation of Google’s guidelines. In turn, this could lead to a penalty which could severely impact your business and SEO efforts.

There’s an ongoing debate about what constitutes auto-generated content, so it’s still up in the air about just how much you can rely on AI-generated content. Many believe that if you edit the content enough, it will still meet Google’s guidelines. Before you decide on using AI to help with your blog posts, be sure to look at Google’s rules and regulations regarding this.

Could Save Money

The reason that many businesses are getting more interested in AI-generated content is that it has the potential to save a lot of time and money. A typical 500-word post could take a writer anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to generate. Compare that with writing technology that completes this task in just minutes.

The majority of copywriters are paid by the words, whereas AI-technology is usually subscription based. It’s no surprise that a monthly subscription that can create thousands of articles a month is much more cost-effective than paying someone for 100 articles a month at usually a higher cost.

The Bottom Line 

There are both pros and cons to using AI-generated content for your business. However, it’s best to not rely solely on it as it lacks personality and could be flagged by Google for violating its guidelines. Considering using AI-assisted content might be your best bet if you’re considering using technology for your content. This allows you to have the content generated by AI, but having a human go in and make the content more reliable and relatable to your audience.

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