Staying In Touch With Family Whilst Traveling


Staying in touch with family while traveling isn’t always the easiest of endeavours; with international codes, different cell phone systems, and sketchy service locations. But, thanks to the internet and old fashion snail mail, there are some more reliable methods of communication that you can use to offset the many complications that can interfere with your ability to communicate with friends and family while traveling.


One way around international codes and cell phone issues is to communicate via online technology such as Skype, where you can instant message and video chat using an internet connection. To communicate this way, all you need is an internet connection, a computer, and an email address or phone number.


Email is another easy method of communicating with loved ones while you are traveling. It does require that you have an internet connection and a computer, however, those are both relatively easy to locate in this technology driven age in most areas of the world.

Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are excellent ways to let your family and friends know you are alright and include them in your travel adventures. You can post pictures of your adventures as they are happening, and include them in the fun.

Snail Mail

Although is has fallen out of fashion for the most part, who doesn’t love to receive a postcard in the mail. Using traditional mail services to send letters and postcards from the road is an effective way to work around areas that may not have a reliable internet connection or cell towers.

In addition to being reliable and available almost anywhere in the world, it is relatively inexpensive to send a letter or postcard no matter where you are in the world.

International Cell Phone Services

Unlike when cell phones first hit the market, there are several different international service plans that you can sign up with before you travel so that you have global coverage. These are typically more expensive than standard cell phone packages and cost more to use. But, for the convenience of easy access calling, they are a great option.

You may actually have to buy a new cell phone in order to have access to an international cell service, though, since different countries use different technology, and a lot of newer phones do not use the SIM card technology which is required for overseas cell plans.

Satellite Phone

One way to get around the internet or phone services issues is by purchasing a satellite phone and service plan. This type of phone will provide you with a signal from pretty much anywhere in the world where a satellite signal will get through. This option is great for those travel adventures that include remote areas like going on an African Safari, or the Australian outback where the internet and cell service are likely not available.

Staying in touch with family while you are traveling doesn’t have to make you pull your hair out or dampen the excitement of your trip due to poor cell signals or lack of access to technology. Thinking ahead and setting up alternative options for communication like social network accounts, satellite phones, or international calling plans will keep you connected no matter where you end up.

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