Still Life Photography Is a True Form of Art

How to paint a still life is something children learn in art classes and is a key component of any further art studies. However, still lives do not have to be painted, they can be photographed as well. And they can be far more entertaining than the standard bowl of fruit that most people associate with still life. Take, for instance, some of the works of Charles Nucci, who has created images of anything from athletes to fashion to gadgets! His images are incredibly artistic and beautiful, and it is no surprise, therefore, that he is a globally recognized artist. He is, somehow, able to take something inanimate and turn it into something that makes us feel emotions such as tranquillity and excitement.

Why Still Life Photography Is so Special

One of the key reasons why still life photography is so much more interesting than painting, is that a moving moment can be captured simply by pressing a button. This is how Nicci, for instance, has been able to take pictures of moving athletes, but made them look like a still life. Another key feature of photography is that it captures the image as it is, rather than as the artist sees it. The only changes the photographer can make is in angles, effects, and lighting, but the subject will always remain the same. This makes this a very exciting form of art.

What people like Nicci have been able to do, however, is use some of the tricks from painting and incorporate them into photography. Today, even those who have an artistic eye, but who do not have artistic hands and cannot wield a paintbrush, can finally create the images they have in their minds. They can create that tranquillity and peace people feel when staring at an oil painting of a vase of flowers, but through the realism of a camera lens.

For some, however, this is precisely what makes still life photography less than an art. They feel that anyone can pick up a camera, point and click, and end up with a nice shot. With digital cameras, people can take as many pictures as they want, so there is bound to be at least one good one in there. While this may be true, and certainly some highly inexperienced photographers have had fantastic lucky shots, getting that shot right each and every time is a time-consuming process and absolutely a form of art. Experimenting with positioning, angles, lenses, lighting,  backdrops, macros, filters, and more, is as much an art form as what it is to experiment with different brushes, paint types, and strokes. A good photographer like Nicci doesn’t hope for a lucky shot. They consistently take perfect shots, one after another. The only difference is that they can start with a blank canvas whenever they do make a mistake.

Still life photography is also a great way to get to know cameras and photography as a whole. This is why all amateur photographers should attempt it.

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