The Technological Advancement of the Humble Slot Machine

Many things in life change and move at speed, but the casino industry moves especially fast. Since slot machines were invented, they have changed immensely and in many ways.

Since the first online casinos were produced in the late 1990’s, slot and casino games – such as those at Gold Rush Slots – have not stopped growing and adapting in line with technological advancements. Offering an incredible variety of games, Gold Rush has become one of the hugely popular online casinos that players flock to for modern and state-of-the-art online slots and games.

But what can we expect from slots in the future? Only by studying their impressive history, can we make a few informed predictions on their outlook. Stick with us as we summarise some of the key elements of the evolution of slot games over the years.

Historical Slot Machines

Charles Fey, an American, created the very first slot machine in 1895 entitled Liberty Bell. Incredibly simple to play, this original one-armed bandit was developed with just 3 reels and 1 payline. To play, you had to pull down a large lever at the side of the reels. If you landed 3 identical symbols on the payline you had a winning combination! A very easy slot game to play.

The next key development in the history of slots was the launch of an electromechanical slot game. This was in 1963 and was called Money Honey. This machine was certainly more advanced than its predecessors and allowed players to win up to 500 coins.

The first video slot machine appeared next, in 1976. These have, of course, evolved a lot since.  Featuring amazing graphics, many with 5 or more reels and exciting bonus features, today’s video slots are thrilling, entertaining and can be highly rewarding.

The Launch of Online Casinos

In 1996, the world’s very first online slot game was launched. ‘Reel ‘Em In’ by WMS featured an exciting bonus round and was more refined then classic slot machines. In just a few years, the number of online casinos tripled, with more and more games available for every type of player.  In 2018, according to Wikipedia, online casinos profited $56.05 billion.

Latest Developments

Within the last 10 years, online slots have evolved even further. Advances in technology over the last decade has led to casino games being transformed forever. Let’s have a look at some of the most important modifications.

Slots Variety

If you’re a fan of traditional slot machines, you can still enjoy the classics amongst the variety of slots on the internet. Choose one of the fruit machines by Microgaming, for example, and enjoy simple 3 reel games with few paylines. If you love slots with entertaining themes such as history, science, animals or movies, just browse the list on your favourite casino. A good online casino will provide slots suitable for everyone’s preferences.

For new players, we’d recommend reading through an online slots guide and having a go at simple and easy to play online slots with 3 reels and 3 pay lines. For the more advanced player, more complex games might be ideal for you; such as those with 5 reels, a multitude of paylines and at least one bonus feature. You are completely spoiled for choice, with options including jackpot slots, video slots, reel-spinners, video bingo, video poker and many more.

3D Slots

Featuring exciting animations and many interactive elements, 3D slots have become increasingly popular. To get the most benefit from these games, they are better played on modern desktops or smartphones. They can be highly entertaining and immersive.

Mobile Slots & Casino Games

One of the main benefits of playing online casino games is their flexibility. Play at any time of the day, and with the addition of mobile casino games, you can play from wherever you like too. All you require is a mobile or tablet, and an internet connection, be it wi-fi or phone network-based.

To enhance the mobile casino experience even further, the largest casino operators have even developed advanced software and apps tailored for mobile devices. Players can often download apps and launch their favourite casino and games completely hassle-free.

VR Games

In a move akin to video games evolution, some slots have now introduced VR (Virtual Reality) software. These are highly interactive, virtual games often much appreciated by the younger generation.

To play, special equipment is required (microphone, 3D visor, headset). By diving into an incredible virtual world, players have an exciting and active role in the game. Technology at its best.


Virtual currencies – another new phenomenon – has also transformed the online gambling industry. The number of online casinos accepting virtual cash has hugely increased in recent times.

Cryptocurrency makes online payments faster and much more reliable; account holders have a virtual wallet to store cash and can sign up to – and deposit at – an online casino. Player’s data remains secure and safe, thanks to encrypted technology.

This has also brought previously reluctant players to online casinos. It’s so simple, safe and secure, that even some of the most resistant players have been won over by this impressive technology.

Casino Tournaments

Playing online slots can often be a solitary activity, but take part in mega tournament and this is quickly changed. Tournaments stimulate players’ competitive nature and add an extra thrilling element to the activity of playing online slots. Players must be registered with the casino hosting the tournament in order to join in, and occasionally there is a fee to pay to participate.

This is another step whereby online casinos are sharing more and more similarities with land-based casinos, which often hold exciting gambling tournaments and competitions.

What Should We Expect for the Future of Online Slots?

It’s unlikely that these brilliant casino games will revert to their predecessor states, thanks to new technology and evolution that we have mostly fully embraced.  Based upon the past and current modern software, we expect that these games will become yet more interactive, with many processes entirely automated. We would expect an even greater leap in terms of graphics, animations and functions too.

The world’s leading iGaming manufacturers aim to improve their offering constantly. New special features are added to their games regularly, and we are often spoiled for choice when it comes incredible slots. New transformations are inevitable, based on the past and present. Meanwhile, be sure to make the most of the current, amazing innovations – there are so many out there – but all while keeping your eyes peeled for the next generation of online slots, of course.

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