Understanding Health Insurance for Remote Workers

With the increase in the demand for remote workers higher than ever before, remote employers are scuffling to find better methods to offer their remote workers health insurance across the globe.

Giving health insurance to remote workers not only uplifts the spirit of the remote workforce but is also important in keeping top-notch talents. However, this can be confusing and expensive to settle for a plan that can work for every remote employer.

Ways to offer Health Insurance to remote workers

There are easier ways to offer your remote worker’s health insurance cover than spending hours browsing or doing individual research offers through health care contacts.

  1.     Work together with local health care providers

One of the ways of offering health insurance to your remote team is by collaborating with local insurance companies in the area of residence of each remote employee. This method usually allows employers to have detailed information about the services provided to their employees.

This method might quickly become time-consuming if you’re working with extremely distributed team members and a workforce that is spread across different continents. In this scenario, getting a local partner who can help you in finding local health insurance providers may be the ultimate option.

With delocalized health insurance providers, remote workers can attend their free first aid training which equips them with basic knowledge and skills. This method saves money compared to partnering with international health insurance providers.

  1.     Find an international insurance provider

Several health care providers have for a long time demanded international health insurance for the ever-growing remote workers and employers to tailor their service needs. For that reason, it is likely that your current health insurance provider offers a plan for remote workers who need international cover.

However, these international health insurance covers usually come with a lot of uncertainty about what it exactly covers as well as with quite a big price tag.

Some healthcare insurance does not cover all medical bills like sexually transmitted disease treatment, cancers, and other diseases. To be certain, make sure you do double-check on the offers in the details before actually signing up for the international cover plans for your remote team.


This plan is usually very expensive and just about 30% of remote employers go for it.

  1.     Hire employees with employer records

Hiring an Employer of Records (EOR) to help in the provision of international health insurance normally turns out to be not the most effective. However, functioning as local associates in a remote workforce is the most stress-free and cheapest solution.

EOR acts as the official lawful employer for your remote team members though you’re the overall head of the team and in-charge of their day-to-day activities and tasks. This means you simply hand over the administrative responsibilities and powers of hiring in a foreign country. EOR will ensure your new employees are obligated to all benefits in their country of residence and also to comply with labor laws and regulations.

This also implies that your EOR will help you find the rightful health insurance covers for your remote employees, including the right prices and plans as well as legal support and relevant coverage.

Reasons to offer remote staff healthcare benefits

Understanding remote employee needs can help remote employers know the best they can retain and attract talent. Here are the reasons why remote employers opt to give healthcare insurance to their remote workers.

Invest in your staff. Companies hiring remote workers show they really care by treating their in-house and remote staff fully. They invest in workers’ development and treat them equally gaining respect and reputation for the company they work for.

Be equal and fair. Companies nowadays ensure their remote workers are working in good company culture and healthy environment promoting transparency on how they treat their staff.

Attract and retain talents. Some companies offer an attractive wage package to new employees to attract and retain top talents.

Final Word

When choosing an employer, health insurance cover is an important factor to consider before taking in the job offer. Health insurance is one of the ways employers can use to entice top talents and retain them be it in-house or remote employees.

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