What’s Up With Vaping Anyway?

In the past five years, it seems as though vaping in the United States is constantly in the headlines, with threats of bans and dangers to health. However, it’s very important to separate the facts from the fiction regarding vape usage.

Why has vaping become so popular in recent years? The truth is complicated. There is no one reason for the rise in popularity in the U.S. For some, the promise of better health by ditching cigarettes in favor of a vaping device played a big role in their choice to pick up a vape. No one can deny the inherent dangers of cigarette smoking, so it stands to reason vaping would sound like a safer, if not altogether safe, alternative to the tars and miscellaneous chemical components within every cigarette. Then there is a whole other sector of vape users who continue to smoke tobacco, yet have picked up vaping to utilize in situations when it’s not possible to light up, such as in and near public spaces where tobacco use is prohibited. These users aren’t looking to quit smoking, however they simply want a nicotine delivery system that is permissible to use for times when they can’t smoke.

Vaping devices are now available not only in smoke shops, where typically users found them in the past, they’re also found relatively inexpensively in The Vape Mall. In a rather short period of time, the vaping device becomes a financial boon for those who seek to eliminate cigarettes. With the cost of tobacco at an all time high, a vaping device with pods pays for itself within one week, depending on how many cigarettes a smoker used per day. With this wide availability, it’s understandable how vaping popularity grew exponentially the last several years.

Much has been stated in the news media about health problems supposedly attributed to the use of vaping devices. Many of these concerns are inconclusive from a scientific standpoint, while others have been debunked with relative certainty. The illnesses formerly attributed to vape use were found to be connected to the presence of an additive called vitamin E acetate. Now the vapes on the market are being produced and distributed without that particular additive, and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA state that the incidence of vaping related health issues have been slowly declining since the discovery of the issue with vitamin E acetate preservative. With the major health risks related to vaping not a serious factor any longer, we still see an increase of vaping use, and a decrease in cigarette smoking, across all age groups.

The biggest concern involving the use of vaping devices appears to be the number of underage users obtaining these nicotine delivery systems and developing an early addiction to the chemical. In one survey, an astonishing 37% of seniors in high school admitted to using a vaping device at least once the previous year. Regardless of the safety of nicotine itself, there is no denying that underage use is disturbing and there is no positive aspect of kids becoming addicted to any substance, regardless of the danger posed by the particular substance. It would be in the industry’s best interest to forward initiatives to curb underage use of their products. And it would be in the government’s best interest to focus on advancing that idea, rather than using the power it has in an attempt to suppress the rights of vaping adults in this country.

One other factor to examine in regards to why vaping has so steadily risen in popularity is simply one of practicality. Unlike smoking tobacco, a small vaping device is discreet and easy to conceal. If you are taking a break for nicotine during the workday, there is no cloud of smoke clinging to your hair and clothing so you don’t have to worry about an unprofessional appearance when you go back inside. In fact, some employers actually permit the use of a vape device in the office itself. The nicotine salts in the most popular brand devices are measured precisely to deliver the exact amount of the drug required for effective boost, thereby preventing the sick, dizzy feeling some of the earliest vapes caused by imprecise dosing.

There are a great many reasons why vaping has increased in popularity in the past five years, with convenience playing the biggest part of that increase. Effective nicotine delivery with regulated dosing and no side effects or major health risks show vaping is often helping people quit their more dangerous cigarette habit while keeping the environment around them clean for other people. It’s easy to see why this transition is still happening on a regular basis even now.

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