3 Crucial Steps for Conducting Interviews Like a Literal Boss

Whether you’re running a massive empire or a small firm, the hiring process can be just as daunting to you as it is to your potential hires if you’ve never gone through it yourself. While you may assume that your interviewees are the only ones who need to sweat a bit, think again.

After all, you need to create a positive first impression just as much as your potential hires do. For example, if you interview someone who seems like the perfect candidate, chances are they’re shopping around for another gig and you could potentially lose them if you don’t seem put together. Similarly, you could think that a candidate is ideal for you but realize on day one that they’re completely unqualified.

Poor interviewing is a waste of time and money, neither of which you can really afford to lose.

Having trouble retaining workers? Think that your interview process is faulty? Keep the following tips in mind in your pursuit of the best talent possible.

Set the Scene

As noted, first impressions are simply too important to ignore. If you’re holding your interview at a brick-and-mortar office, don’t neglect the following touches:

  • Look the part of a professional: for example, quality pieces of wooden furniturein your interview space establish the tone of a serious business versus a struggling start-up
  • Have a designated place for your meeting: whether it’s your own office or a vacant room, make sure that you and your candidate have privacy
  • Small touches such as offering refreshments (think: coffee or water) can go a long way to making candidates feel more comfortable and breaking the ice

Establish the Proper Tone

Every company is different in terms of the image and tone they want to set: regardless of what you do, make sure that you focus on what your potential hire brings to the table versus worrying all about how you come across.

If you’re more playful and laid back than most bosses, certainly make that known in your interview as long as you get down to business. On the flip sound, don’t needlessly terrify your candidates or try to “scare them straight” as means of weeding out potential hires. Doing so only strokes your ego and wastes everyone’s time.

Ask the Right Questions

Here’s the big one: what do you ask interviewees to make sure you’re finding the right fit for your company? After all, just because someone comes across as nervous doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad hire.

Include the following questions during your interviews to ensure that your potential hire represents exactly what you’re looking for:

  • “Why did you leave your last position?” (an honest answer here clues you in on their resume, work history and references)
  • “How soon can you start? Would you be available if I made an offer today? (this clues you in on their sense of desperation andwhether or not they’re looking at other offers)
  • “Why does this particular position make sense for your career path?” (this may help you decide whether or not they seem to be interested in a long-term position or if you’re just a stepping stone)

After you’ve asked your questions, let them do the talking. Although you can do your homework by researching candidates via social media and Google searches, take them at their word and see how they react to your questions in real-time.

Hosting a job interview doesn’t have to be a major headache. With these tips in mind, you can set yourself up for hiring success as you bring on new blood to grow your company.

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