3 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Online Business

When you first start an online business, your most pressing and major goal should always be to attract loads of new potential customers to your online platforms. And while you’re at it, you should also focus on growing your brand.

Do you have a plan in place to grow your customer base?

Even if you have the best team and a powerful vision for your company, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have success promoting your brand online.

If you find it difficult to grow your business using the Internet as a driving force for your company, you may unintentionally be making some big mistakes that are hurting your chances for future growth.

To prevent this from happening or continuing, we’ll share three big marketing mistakes that could be killing your online growth.

  1. You Aren’t Tracking Important Online Business Metrics

When you first take your company online, many business owners have a tendency to overlook their metrics. By overlooking these important figures, you’re actually barring your path to success.

As far as conversion metrics are concerned, things to keep track of include: campaign conversion rates, email sign-up rates, cost per lead, lifetime visitor value, etc.

Productivity metrics are also important to track. Your business should thoroughly keep track of figures that include: employee retention percentages, your staff’s effectiveness ratio, how much time everyone spends per project, how much you pay your entire staff, etc.

Lastly, you should also focus on error monitoring and other technical aspects of your business. Otherwise everything else that we’ve mentioned above will suffer if your website is bogged down by error after error.

According to Stackify, experts at error tracking in software project management, “You should use an error monitoring reporting service. They can collect all of your errors and provide valuable insights in real-time about application problems.”

All in all, by focusing on these important metrics, you’ll see where your company is achieving success and you’ll also know areas where improvement is needed.

Use this info to fix your failures and celebrate your successes.

  1. There’s Nothing Very Original about Your Website Content

One of the biggest mistakes online businesses make is they fail to eventually develop their own unique voice and style.

When first starting out, it’s often difficult to determine where you fit in in your niche. So, more often than not, you’ll end up mimicking some of the biggest names in your industry.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this approach in the beginning. But eventually you’re going to have to pull off the training wheels and begin to develop your own personal style.

Because if you don’t, potential customers and industry leaders are going to look at you as a clone website and nothing more. No one will ever look at you as a real industry leader because you’re basically just parroting what everybody else does.

So, develop your own unique style. And learn how to put your own spin on important topics in your industry.

This will help distinguish your brand and let you emerge as an industry leader.

  1. Become the True Leader That You’re Meant to Be

If you’re going to build a website and following online, you might as well make it number one. Because nobody wants to follow the 20th best website about their topic of interest.

So, it’s time to take charge. It’s time to step out in the spotlight and become a real leader in your niche.

Not only will this bring you and your business more success, it will help your company grow and expand on the whole.


To develop a healthy online business, please avoid making these big mistakes from now on.

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