3 Reasons Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Cyber Threats


The unfortunate truth to cybersecurity is that things are getting very complicated.

It’s becoming quite the multifaceted approach to protect your business’ sensitive information and ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

This is compounded by the fact that technology and innovation continue to churn at record-breaking rates. New, better tech comes out but cybersecurity lags behind. People in the industry have to figure out how to safeguard these so that they can safely and effectively be used in business.

In short, the message here is that cyber threats exist and a well-executed cybersecurity program takes effort and diligence.

Below are 3 reasons why businesses can’t afford to continue ignoring these cyber threats.

Hackers are Getting Smarter

The war between cybersecurity defenders and hackers is an intricate game of cat and mouse. Both are trying hard to stay one step in front of the other.

As businesses continue to enhance their cybersecurity infrastructure, hackers have been forced to get creative in their attacks.

You can do all the right things by protecting your system with a network monitor, vulnerability scanner, and anti-malware data, but that’s no longer enough. Hackers have figured out how to bypass the typical security gates and gain direct access to your systems.

Social media is one avenue they’re using to exploit even the strongest of networks. These smart hackers know that the biggest vulnerability within a company is usually its own employees.

Is your business prepared to handle something like this?

The Number of Malicious Hackers are Growing

In recent years, hacking as vastly grown in popularity. This means the number of good hackers has increased, and unfortunately, so has the amount of bad ones.

The bad ones with malicious intent have realized the success other hackers have had, especially with relative ease of access to even the most secure of networks. Yet still, many companies aren’t taking cybersecurity as seriously as they should.

As technology evolves and more components of our lives become linked into the internet, it only makes sense that the number of people trying to take advantage of that would increase.

Preventative Measures and Reactive Defense Aren’t Enough

Long gone are the days of waiting for an attack to happen, then beefing up cybersecurity to prevent another breach. There’s simply too much sensitive information at stake.

Since preventative measures are no longer enough, companies have to turn to proactive cybersecurity programs to safeguard their networks. This means they actually have to get off their you-know-whats and put key protocols in place.

Many businesses are turning to the power of good hackers, who purposefully find vulnerabilities in systems and alert the owners before bad hackers can exploit them. If your business isn’t actively looking for weak spots in your system and tackling them beforehand, it’s that much more likely that someone with malicious intent will find them.

Wrapping Things Up

In 2017 and beyond, businesses simply can’t afford to ignore cybersecurity. The number of hackers are growing, they’re getting smarter, and the typical defense mechanisms aren’t strong enough anymore.

It’s imperative for the safety of you, your employees, and your customers to start paying more attention and implementing effective cybersecurity practices.

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