4 Tips for Hiring Employees Without Experience

Entry-level employees are a big part of any growing business. Indeed, across industries there are thousands of entry-level jobs that are very competitive and that contribute to business success in significant ways. In many senses, entry-level jobs aren’t so “entry-level” anymore. Still, a lot of companies seeking to fill entry-level positions eventually hire employees straight out of college –– even if they originally seek team members with more experience. The good news is, businesses can find great success with recent college grads. And to that end, here are four tips for small businesses that are hiring employees without much experience:

Invest in Training

Unsurprisingly, businesses that want to develop their own talent need to invest in a strong training program. Everything from customer service training videos to proper workplace-conduct content can help green employees learn the ropes and adapt to their new situation. Furthermore, consider diversifying your training program with audio, visual, and in-person lessons. The more support you afford your employees, the better chance they have to thrive.

Foster a Strong Company Culture

If your business already has a strong company culture, then odds are, hiring one or two inexperienced pros won’t be much of a risk. That’s because quality professionals can share winning habits with new professionals. Note, it’s probably unwise to hire too many inexperienced employees at once. Otherwise, these newcomers may struggle to find mentors in the workplace.

Clearly Define Roles

The last thing a new professional should have to worry about is figuring out their responsibilities. Before any candidate accepts a job, they should have a solid idea of what kind of work they’ll be pursuing. Make it a point to be transparent about the division of labor win your office –– so that no one is confused about their role. You may even want to add job descriptions to your business’s website for those seeking further clarification.

Value Effort Over Potential

Often, the best employees are the ones with the strongest work ethics. These are the people who are willing to learn new things, tackle new projects, stay late, and, in general, go the extra mile. Even if someone doesn’t have any “real-world” experience, the will to succeed is a massive positive that business owners shouldn’t ignore. Potential and talent are great, but at the end of the day, they’re nothing without serious application.

The Bottom Line

Taking a chance on a young, unknown employee might sound a little nerve-wracking to some business owners. Yet, when done well, hiring recent college graduates can actually benefit a business substantially. If someone’s good enough to do a job, they’re old enough to do it!

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