5 Features of Serviced Offices That Guarantee Business Success

For ambitious entrepreneurs, international expansion is not something to be put off and delayed until ‘the time is right.’ It is an opportunity which can be shaped and moulded to fit your unique needs. If your budget is tight, you can save money by launching from a shared workspace. If you do not want to commit to a long-term plan, you can take out a flexible lease.

When it comes to investment in the South-east Asian market, there is no better time than now, so make the conditions fit. With affordable commercial office space, a fertile employment market, and logistical links to the rest of the continent, this part of the world is a business haven. The Philippines is a popular destination for smaller businesses for a good reason.

Keep reading to find out why the best way to launch in the Philippines is from a fully equipped serviced office.

The Corporate Address

Just check out some of the serviced facilities available in the capital city of Manila. Visit www.servcorp.com.ph/en/serviced-offices/ for details on the locations and resources. Most are situated in or close to Makati City, which is the most prestigious financial district. Having the opportunity to claim such an impressive address means that you can start building your reputation immediately, even if you are new to the country.

Back Office Support

Serviced facilities offer a varied range of basic and supplementary services. Most (utility, maintenance, telephone lines, mailboxes) come as part of your leased package. Others are available on a pay as you go basis or you can add them to your package later on. Whether you require a full-time secretary, a part-time receptionist, or piecemeal IT support; it is all ready for you to access. All you have to do is reach out for it.

Conferencing Spaces

Launching or expanding into a new country requires a certain confidence and a willingness to embrace the culture. Success depends on the support of the locals, but it is something that many entrepreneurs seem to forget. While you are within your rights, for example, to bring an entire foreign team over with you, it sends the wrong message. Connect with local talent, recruit from the cities, and meet with big market players in onsite conferencing suites.

Flexible Terms

The demand for flexible office solutions is increasing and only set to expand further. These days, companies do not want to make long-term decisions if they are not sure about the outcomes. They want to retain their independence and the ability to make fast, intelligent changes. With a serviced lease, this is possible, because these providers do not require long-term contracts. They are operated on a rolling, month by month basis.

24/7 Telephone Services

If you are taking steps into a new country, you might already have an established customer base at home. Depending on where you originally started the company, it might mean that your customers get split across multiple time zones. It can make it tricky to stay in contact and answer all queries promptly. The good news is that a 24/7 receptionist service is offered by many of the office providers in Manila. With their help, your business never has to sleep.

How to Find a Superb Serviced Office in Manila  

When searching for a service office, prioritise busy, thriving locations like Makati City. They make it easier to reach consumers, and they put you right in the sight of big investors. Not only that, but a central location ensures that employees can make it in quickly and clients never have trouble finding you for meetings.

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