5 Ways To Support Health of Your Remote Workers

As more teams work remotely or experiment with hybrid arrangements, team leaders are searching for ways to support health and wellness. If you’ve been looking for ways to help your team stay healthy, you’re in the right spot.

Here are 5 powerful tips for helping your team stay healthy this fall.

Share Ideas for Staying Active

While we often have zoom meetings to discuss client projects, make time for sharing other kinds of ideas. A big part of staying healthy is staying active.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get people talking about their favorite forms of exercise and activities. If you set up an informal discussion, you’ll often get insights into how your remote team is keeping in shape.

Ask people who are avid runners, bikers, and swimmers to share their best tips and techniques. You may want to do a poll of the main reasons why people are not active.

These usually include reasons such as:

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I’m too lazy.”

“The weather isn’t right.”

If people on your team are active during a hectic season or in inclement weather, find out how they combat these reasons. They most likely have figured out personal habits and systems to overcome inertia or bad weather.

Share Scientific Findings

Get into the data. Explore research studies that confirm the value of exercise and an active lifestyle. Some of the best findings are available at CDC, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical sites. 

These reputable sources confirm that moderate-intensity activity for at least 150 minutes a week can reduce the risk of disease. Regular physical activity can lower your blood pressure, improve your risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve your cholesterol levels.

As you explore the data, be sure to ask your team members to do the same. There’s nothing like scientific evidence to get you to put on your running shoes and head out the door.

Share Your Favorite Sports Drinks

Sometimes, we all enjoy a rewarding beverage after a run, hike, or bike ride. While water is delicious, many people find that a refreshing beverage helps to replenish and recharge.

Ask your team to share their favorite CBD-infused energy drink, sports drink, and other go-to beverages. Once you find a drink that helps you repair your muscles and avoid post-energy drink jitters, you’re home-free. Find out your favorite flavors. In many teams, the autumn favorites are berry, black cherry, and sour apple.

Share Team Bonding

Bonding sessions are easy to set up. Experiment with adding five or ten minutes to a team meeting that’s already scheduled. 

If you have the option, share ideas for getting your team together around a single focus. This might be sharing those delicious CBD-infused drinks as a virtual happy hour. Or it could be showing off healthy snacks that different team members have created.

Involve your team members in designing the activity and having input on the agenda.

The great part about virtual team bonding sessions is that everyone can participate. For remote workers, this can help build a team feeling. For hybrid workers, it helps to make everyone feel part of a single team. 

Share A Healthy Productivity Tip

There are plenty of healthy tips that can help remote workers, hybrid workers, and team members at the home office.

Divide and conquer to cover all the bases. Ask team members to share ideas about healthy food, healthy activities, and healthy mindfulness practices. 

In a short time, you’ll have a library of input that is coming directly from your team. The awesome thing about this is that everyone can contribute, participate and learn. Instead of pushing your team to be healthy and active, they can get inspired and motivated from the inside.

In the process, you might find that certain team members are natural leaders. Encourage your leaders to be creative. Find new ways to create games, set up contests, and share information. 

This method is a natural way to strengthen your team, encourage healthy approaches, and build a bond between remote and hybrid workers.

Sum Up

Staying healthy and active during the autumn can help every team member. As you strengthen your team, you’ll boost health and wellness.

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