A Finance Degree Can Get You a Well Paying Job

Choosing the right major to study these days takes lots of careful time and consideration. With the advent of new technologies steady job fields like basic law and some types of engineering are being overturned and those in those professions are being told that they will need to look to another field of work within the next decade.

If you have a degree in finance or seek to earn one, you can be certain that in the coming decades there will be a strong need for your type of services providing you become great at what you do and you specialize in a target area that will stay valuable. Here are some suggestions for you about what finance jobs will remain strong now and in the future:

Financial Advisor

For those looking for personal or business advice regarding their finances, professional financial advisors like Michael Briese are in high demand. They examine the entity of a persona or business’s financial dealing and then make a plan to improve financial performance. These professionals have a complete understanding of how to save money as well as how to make it and generally work with a team of financial experts who may include an accountant, a tax attorney and a stock advisor or broker and other investment experts. The result is that you get a dedicated team to oversee and manage closely your finances.  These jobs pay high fees and sometimes even a percentage of the financial returns generated by the team and are heavily dependent on good personal relationships with clients. As a result automation is highly unlikely to affect them.

Company Treasurers

At all large companies there a person who oversees the financial aspects of the company. These senior executives are sometimes called Chief Financial Officers and other times called treasurers. They typically at the top tier of senior management and may sometimes report directly to a company’s board of directors. Treasurers are typically one of the highest level financial positions available and also have one of the highest levels of pay. Treasurers set financial plans, goals, and budgeting for their respective organizations and oversee every financial aspect of an organization, and manage all types of investments and any necessary fund raising. These executives will often have a high degree of autonomy and may report to a board rather than a CEO level person. Treasurers typically hold advanced financial degrees in several areas of finance including economics or business administration.

Home Loan Officer

The dream of nearly everyone is to own their own home and since homes are very expensive, the chances are that people will end up at a home loan officer of a bank, credit union or finance company to discuss getting a home loan. These professionals excel at financial analysis and risk assessment and can put together different scenarios for you that allow you to make a home purchase. Home loans are a complicated business and must comply with state and federal regulations, so a loan officer must know how to navigate the process so the recipients get a loan they can afford and one that complies with all the regulations and the banks policies and procedures. This job requires lots of creativity and judgment calls and as long as people are purchasing homes the job will be in high demand.

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