Benefits of Tourism in Education

Tourism is one of the most important tools in promoting national integration and bringing people together. When accompanied with education, the benefits of tourism can be quite remarkable. People have learnt a lot on educational boat tours or bus tours such as hop on & hop off with GoNYTours.

Here are the different parts of education that benefit from tourism:


To some this may be one of uninspiring subjects when read sitting down in classrooms. Without actually visiting it, the Taj Mahal might as well be a monument and the Great Ganga a snake running through the map. However, when you put the students in the same environments they are learning about, the information will be easier to absorb and much more motivating.


History can also be a dull subject to some students as they associate it with dead kings and presidents. When students are taken to the sites where great defeats and victories happened, they are more likely to learn and retain information. Students are more likely to enjoy history lessons as they learn them on the go.

Social Studies

When we take the time to see things for ourselves and experience them first hand, we learn a lot. Students might not understand how the environment affects humans and their interaction with each other unless given a real-life example. They must see the manners, cultures, and habits of persons who live elsewhere.

Difficulties and encounters students experience during travels make them readily adjustable. This means that tourism offers lessons more valuable than those in textbook pages.


Depending on the country that a person is traveling to, you can end up becoming fluent in just a few months. Learning a language is especially hard when you are doing it within the confines of a classroom. If you want to be fluent in a language, such as Spanish, you should visit a Spanish-speaking country such as Mexico or Spain for faster learning.

On the other hand, if you want to learn French, take a trip to France and immerse yourself in their culture. You will be fluent in the language before you know it. People who want to learn Chinese should go to China for a short while instead of sitting in class for years in their home countries.


When traveling from one country to another, you need to know how to convert money from one currency to another. If you are going to Japan from the US, you should know how much in Yen you could get from one dollar. If you travel frequently to different countries, you will learn how to convert different currencies a lot faster than you would learn in class.

Personal Development

When on educational tours, a student needs to keep his eyes open. Tourism calls into action various aspects of intellect and the mind that are developed by education. Firmness, tact, and engaging personalities are the products of traveling to different countries. You should not adopt the habits of every person that you meet; you just have to adopt the good behaviors.


Students will understand the economic problems locals face when they go to remote villages to see how people live without clean drinking water and proper medical care. They might even make a decision to help those poor areas after they finish their studies and make that their future calling.

Traveling should be included as a part of education at each study level. This will allow students to have a liberal outlook and become more educated about people from different walks of life.  They will also have maturity in their judgments and have a better understanding of others.

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