What Makes Rafting the Arkansas River in Colorado Special?

Arkansas River is the most rafted river in the country. And it holds that stature for a reason. While the surrounding areas are also renowned for adventure sports like skiing, hikes, and fly-fishing; white-water rafting is something that you definitely need to check off of the bucket list. And the fact that the stretches of the river offer class II to V rapids make it a great place for both beginners as well as seasoned rafters. Here are a bunch of things that make rafting the Arkansas River in Colorado a special and memorable experience:

The Picturesque Views

The stunning vistas along with the striking wildlife that you will come across while rafting the Arkansas river will make fall in love with the place. With desert granite boulders underneath and snow-capped peaks up above, there is beauty wherever you see. While the eagles and falcons soar through the sky the rainbow trout makes its way through the river underneath your raft! Along the banks of the Arkansas River, you will see ponderosa pine trees that are sprinkled all across that fills that air with an authentic vanilla aroma.

Something for Everyone

Whether you are on a family trip or traveling solo, The Arkansas River offers something for everyone. No matter if you are a pro or have just started white-water rafting, there are rafting trips suitable for people of different ages and abilities. So, if you are in for an adrenaline-pumping experience, you can easily find yourself a rafting trip with many drops, channels, and heart-pounding action along with a rocky white-water rafting experience. However, younger people can get a rafting trip that offers a perfect balance of excitement and safety.

Float Through Browns Canyon National Monument

In 2015, under President Obama, Browns Canyon came to be known as a national monument for all the right reasons. It protects around 21,000 acres of untouched rivers, canyons, and backcountry forests. The lofty canyon walls consisting of massive granite boulders offer the place a whole new charm. Your Arkansas River rafting Denver experience is incomplete without having a glimpse of this jaw-dropping gorge that is bound to make your experience a lot more remarkable.

Explore Native Wildlife

Arkansas River Valley is home to some of the most exotic wildlife species that will take your breath away. The most exclusive animal that you can find here is The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep which is Colorado’s state mammal and is named after its huge horns. Other than this, you can also come across ducks, Canadian geese, mallards, golden and bald eagles, elk, great horned owls, mountain goats, Colorado mule deer, and black bears. Just a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitat can enhance your overall experience.

We hope that these reasons are enough to convince you to try out white-water rafting on the Arkansas River. As this an experience for everyone! Whether you are seeking an escape from the city or planning on a multi-day river adventure, the Arkansas River is just the place for you! 

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