Different Types of Terrain Encountered when Snowboarding

There is nothing like doing a perfect carve at high speed while you float on the snow and the chilly breeze hits your face. Snowboarding offers you an escape and a way to challenge your own fears, push your boundaries, and have an incredible experience while also witnessing the unparalleled beauty of nature. However, there are also quite a few technicalities and complexities involved when snowboarding.

One needs to find the right kind of snowboarding terrain and the correct snowboard to ensure that everything goes perfectly. This is the reason why all North American ski and snowboard resorts have a standardized system to rate their trails. These are based on the difficulty level of the terrain and are marked as green circles (easy), blue squares (more difficult), and black diamonds (most difficult).

While an expert snowboard rider will be able to ride on all kinds of terrains, a beginner would need some training and definitely a good quality snowboard. Here are some fun and exciting terrains that one can find while snowboarding:

Freeriding Trails

Freeriding trails are some of the most common types of trails that you can find at almost any ski and snowboard resort. These are quite easy to ride and come under green circles as they are groomed daily. However, you still need to consult with the ski patrol before you hit the slopes. And the fact that they offer different types of terrains right from long, easy runs linked together to steep slopes, makes it a great pick for families and friends.

Backcountry Trails

Different from freeriding trails, backcountry trails are not groomed and are also unmarked. Thus, these are exclusively for pro snowboarders and always marked as black diamonds. This means, they also require proper snowboard. Typically, the best powder snowboards are suggested for these types of terrains as they are designed with deep snow in mind. You may find different types of guides that will take you to backcountry areas of the mountain. One may even want to be monitored by ski patrol to make the most of this experience and to avoid any catastrophe.

The Terrain Park

This is another trail created especially for advanced snowboarders as it offers them an opportunity to hit jumps and even perform some stunts. The terrain park also comes under black diamond as it has various types of obstacles and the snowboarder has to perform quite a few maneuvers, all in a single run. This is because there are various elements like rails, jumps, and quarter pipes present in this space that add to the complexity level. There are even park managers who are responsible for rearranging these elements and adding new ones throughout the ski season to make things even more exciting and keep the riders coming back for more adventures.

These terrains are filled with fun and adventure for snowboard riders who are seeking extreme terrains and trails. Whether you are a novice boarder who would like to learn different snowboarding techniques or a pro who likes to cruise and carve down manicured slopes, you will definitely find a bunch of stimulating terrains that suit your preference and ability.

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