A website is not enough; Connect to the World with a Business Blog

What comes in mind when you think of putting your business online? A website, right? You may be wondering why that is not enough when it contains all the relevant company information.

While a website, for instance, http://fidelitysteel.com/steel-buildings/prefabricated-steel-buildings/​ is largely static and formal, a blog utilizes a casual tone and is regularly updated. It capitalizes on interacting with the user and not just relaying information.

Write in a friendly voice, without the obvious sales pitch. Bring out your personality and portray the brand as approachable. Make the content informative, something that the readers want to read to the end and even share.

Ideally, the content should be related to your business, but once in a while you can step out of the norm and discuss current affairs or another trending issue.


Provide for comments, and encourage them. You can ask a question at the end of the article to encourage participation. Moderate them though; so you can eliminate spam and harsh/abusive comments.

Readers will interact not only with you but also with each other; that’s how you start building a community around your blog. Answer the questions that come up during the discussions.

Unanswered queries drastically reduce the interest of readers. Whenever official questions come up, you can direct prospective clients to the company website.

Include Interviews

Customers/users/distributors of your products are often willing to give an interview; if only you ask. Whether you’re offering health products, marketing, branding, steel buildings or books, look for someone willing to give an honest account of their experience with your product.

The interview should be more informative than promotional. You can schedule weekly/monthly interviews and inform your readers so they can have something to look forward to.

Behind the Scenes

Make a personal connection with your readers by inviting them to take a look at what takes place behind the scenes. Let them see that behind the formal faces and attire of employees are people just like them, and also love having some fun even as they work. Post photos and videos of your office, employees, and activities and so on.

Feature the employees, one department at a time, and let the members explain what they do and how they do it. Readers will quickly begin to feel part of your company, leading to brand loyalty.

Review Industry Details

Readers will be drawn to your blog when you have educative content. For instance, if you’re in marketing, talk about the trends affecting the marketing world. What were the most effective marketing tools in the past year? How can we utilize online marketing platforms? What does the future hold?

Give the readers an opportunity to chip in too. Once you come across as an expert in your niche, people will be drawn to your products, and you’ll eventually make the much-needed sales.


With all the content online fighting for attention, what makes yours worth reading to the end? Break it down into separate points. Lists have been proven to attract and retain attention. Top 10….   5 reasons why….. 7 ways of…. 6 mistakes to avoid… Such headlines will draw traffic to your blog, and the readers are likely to turn into loyal customers.

Guest Bloggers

No matter how informative you are, readers sometimes want to hear a different perspective. Invite customers, industry experts or even colleagues to give their views.

A blog will help your customers feel like part of the ‘family’ even when they’ve never set foot in your office, or when they’re half-way across the world. With technology, business is now borderless. By making that connection, you may have just won yourself a lifetime client.

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