Balancing Travel and Business: Know When to Take Your Dream Trip

In business, as in life, timing is everything. While many professionals dream and wax lyrical about “one day,” taking the ultimate vacation, few take the appropriate steps to turn it into a reality. It’s unfortunate, but a good number of people never get to experience a truly enriching trip. The good news is, you can act to make sure you get to delight in the joys of travel –– without compromising your business at all. Here’s how:

Getting the Finances Right

One of the most common obstacles would-be travelers face is a lack of financial security. And while it’s true that traveling certainly can be expensive, note that you can avoid some of the more costly pitfalls with a little forethought and creative planning. Furthermore, you can bolster your business’s financial stability with a myriad of funding options from alternative lenders. Unsecured business loans and business lines of credit are great options for small business owners to increase their company’s cash flow and catalyze growth. While managing your money can prove a difficult task, it’s not impossible.

Seasonal Ebbs and Flows

Most small businesses experience seasonal fluctuations. As a result, many entrepreneurs find that it’s difficult to plan trips during the “traditional” periods –– during the summer and around the holidays. In some instances, traveling in the “off months” won’t be feasible either. But if you can make it work, planning excursions during off periods (February, September, etc.) will not only be cost-effective, but also perfectly align with your schedule.

Coordinate With Others

The last thing you want to do is to schedule a long getaway when your business partners or team members will be unavailable as well. If you do, you could leave your company desperately short-handed during a critical period. That’s why it’s essential to vocalize your desire to take a trip early and often, and to remind people when you’ll be leaving.

Set Hard Deadlines

The best way to make absolutely sure that you won’t perpetually procrastinate your ultimate vacation is to put your aspirations in writing. Give yourself deadlines as to when you need to buy plane tickets, book hotels, and give your team members notice. Ironically, you can effectively plan for travel by treating it like a business assignment: give yourself goals and a set time period to achieve those goals. The right trip can prove to be an immensely rewarding and meaningful experience. Prioritize it for your personal growth just like you would anything else.

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