Boost Employee Performance with This New Tech

Sometimes people have extremely high expectations of new technology, and believe the latest tech can’t make an impact unless it is revolutionary and recalls futuristic Hollywood movies. Actually, cloud-based employee scheduling software is proof that new technology only needs to meaningfully improve vital functions to make a transformative difference across an industry.

Many small- and medium-sized restaurants across North America now incorporate employee scheduling software into their daily operations, much to the delight of their employees — here are a few reasons why.

Better Schedules, Faster

Like the name suggests, employee scheduling software’s primary function is to create excellent schedules quickly. Indeed, this cloud-based software creates schedules up to 80% faster. This improves efficiency by keeping your employees working where they’re most productive, and scheduling your staff can be easy with the right tool that simplifies what is otherwise a frustrating task.

But it also creates better schedules. It is part automated, factoring in things like labor laws, but also takes into account manual inputs like availability submitted by the staff. If any employee learns they need time off work, they can instantly let their manager know remotely through the app. Just enter it on a drag-and-drop calendar, and you no longer need to wait until you’re physically in the restaurant.

Employee satisfaction improves in workplaces that demonstrate they value their workers’ time, and this is especially important in the restaurant industry, which suffers from notoriously high turnover.

Smart Communication

It’s important that your technology makes messaging via text not just possible, but more efficient. Drowning your workers with too many messages reduces efficiency, instead of improving it. Employee schedule software is designed to streamline messaging, so your team always has the fastest route to get the information they need.

For example, imagine a manager needs to find an extra staff for a shift. They can post a request in the group, and because everyone gets a notification instantly, whoever can pick up the extra hours lets their team know. In this way, the problem is solved before it even has time to escalate.

Sophisticated Time-Clock Features

Typically workers like punching “out” of work, but the best employee scheduling software lets the restaurant customize time clock punching. Now, employees can tell the machine they’re going out for “lunch,” “coffee,” or whatever else. This gives managers a clearer picture of what’s happening on the ground level, and helps all-star employees get the recognition they deserve.

Managers also get real-time OT notifications, and punch audit reporting. It gives them greater control to enforce the schedule and custom breaks, all with having to spend the minimal effort.

There’s new technology being invented every day. Your business doesn’t need a “disruptor app” that fundamentally changes the nature of your operation. But software that streamlines scheduling and communication in a way your employees will genuinely appreciate, all while giving you greater security and knowledge about how your business is truly running? Now that is a powerful tool.

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