Chatbots Replacing Customer Service by 2020: How Will This Affect Your Small Business?

The effectiveness of Chatbots, especially their cost saving capability, has made creating and utilizing one an easy choice for small business owners – rather than solely relying on human labour to solve customer care issues.

According to projections by Gartner, by the year 2020, chatbots would occupy 85% of engaging customers. This forecast has proven to be true, especially owing to the fact that the emergence of Chatbots witnessed a surge in 2016. This popularity is as a result of people easily using their social media accounts to interact with their brands and products.

Further integrating these chatBots on websites can help businesses create additional leads, increase online sales, assist in marketing campaigns and covert site visitors to customers, especially as the services are available 24/7.

For small businesses that are yet to embrace the use of Chatbots on their sites and social media handles, here are some ways it can help improve their online brand goals.
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Enhanced services

There’s no doubt the integration of Chatbots enhances the quality of services your brand offers, as it provides details on the products to a customer while you’re busy with other productive activities.  Besides that, when you choose a good host with 99.9% uptime, you’d be able to provide 24/7 on site support to your customers.

Chatting with these AI Bots makes it look as if your customers are chatting with humans. It’s not just more cost effective than maintaining human labour, it also collects useful behavioral data of your customers to help you improve your product’s user experience.

Unified interface and control

Have you been bothered about maintaining your website, especially an e-commerce site and answering questions on social media with a small team? Then worry no more as Chatbots gives you a unified interface.

With Chatbots, you don’t have to worry about multitasking and overtasking your small team, as the AI bot doesn’t only copy human conversation while responding to customer’s request, it can also work through multiple apps in one interface.  For instance, a Chatbot can be equipped with a payment platform, making it easy for the customer to pay without exiting the chat.

Chatbots effectively deal with customer enquiries

Chatbots that are written with complex AI algorithms can effectively answer all questions asked by a potential customer. This includes giving out contact information about the business, offering alternative products to the potential customer and, more importantly, directing the customer to a human customer care. In a small team, this would afford the human customer care more time to attend to other pressing issues.

Minimizes maintenance cost

Chatbots are easy to build and integrate and doesn’t require advanced programming skills. This is because there are customer care companies that offer Chatbot designs and maintenance at low cost, compared to what an average customer care agent earns annually.


The effectiveness of Chatbots are far more pronounced than the cost of building and maintaining a fully functional human customer care team, especially for a low budget small business. In other words, if a business must evolve with trending web technologies, then Chatbots should be integrated on their websites.

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