Choosing Between HDD and SSD Reseller Hosting

Web servers with good hardware allow websites to load faster and offer better site performance. Further, in order to provide good reseller hosting services, different types of drives are used in web servers like SSD and HDD. In this article, we will talk about the difference between SDD and HDD Reseller Hosting Plans to help you choose between the two.

What are SSD and HDD?

Solid-State Drives or SSDs are the new-generation storage devices where data is stored on a high-performance block device. It uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data.

On the other hand, a Hard Disk Drive or HDD is an electromechanical storage device which uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital data.

Choosing between HDD and SSD Reseller Hosting

Parameter SSD HDD
Reliability The solid-state drives store data using the flash mechanism. Therefore, there are no moving parts in the drive. This leads to better performance and reliability of the drive. There are moving magnetic heads in an HDD. These heads are used for storing data on the drives. Therefore, the more you use them, the higher the chances of failure of the drive.
Time to Access Data In an SSD, you can take around 30-100 microseconds to access data. In an HDD, you can take between 5,000 and 10,000 microseconds to access data.
Power Consumption An SSD requires less power to function as compared to an HDD. Due to the spinning mechanism, an HDD needs more power.
Costs SSDs are costlier than HDDs. HDDs are generally cheaper than SSDs.
Magnetism An external magnetic field does not impact an SSD. Since magnetism is used to store data on an HDD, an external magnetic field might destroy the data.
Generation of Heat An SSD generates little or no heat since there are no moving parts in it. In an HDD, moving parts generate heat quickly.


Therefore, as you can see above, despite being costlier, an SSD is a better choice for Reseller Hosting. It is around a lot faster than HDD. This huge difference is due to:

  1. Random Writes – Most of the operations on a web server happen with Random Writes. An SSD can manage around 30-40 writes per second while the HDD is very fragile.
  2. Latency – An SSD locates the data on the drive much sooner than the HDD. This results in faster loading websites.


In today’s times, the speed of the website is a critical aspect in determining regular site visitors as well as a good SEO rank. Therefore, SSD Reseller Hosting is a better option for high speed and performance of your site. Ensure that you research well and choose a good hosting provider who manages and maintains the server for optimal performance. Talk to the technical team to understand how your reseller business can benefit from SSD Hosting before buying. Good Luck.

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