Choosing the right flexible package style for your products

Compared to the traditional form of packaging, today we have the modern form of high quality flexible packaging with the use of digital printing technology. This form of packaging produces high definition photo quality graphics at lower cost.

Some of the advantages of digital flexible packaging are:

  • Reduced in setup time
  • Reduce waste
  • Eliminates inventory
  • Low minimum orders,
  • Quick turnaround
  • No plates fees
  • Cost effective for short and medium run length
  • Variable data and imaging to customize packaging to meet the needs of targeted markets.
  • Photo quality images with 100% colour consistency

Compared to the conventional printing, flexible packaging printing is different because of its ability to print unique text and graphics on each and every package.

Flexible packaging printing includes printing services such as:

  • Creating of print-ready PDF which includes die-lines, colour matching, and optimization for digital printing without the use of printing plates.
  • Fast curing lamination which is more environmentally friendly compared to alternative processes.
  • Multi-format pouch making including a variety of stand-up pouch and lay flat pouch formats with optional press to close zippers and hang holes.

To protect and ensure the quality of food products from the packing factory right up to your consumers, choosing the right types of packaging is very important. Since coffee is a very common item, let us use it as an example. As consumers, we can see coffee beans being packaged in different types of packaging.

Coffee beans packaging 1 – The most common and popular packaging format used is the flat bottom bag. The flat bottom enables the package to stand unassisted on the shelf and is an attention grabber. The top of the bag is folded over into a brick shaped and sealed.

Coffee beans packaging 2 – One popular packaging is the quad seal bag which has crisp side seals. This package can stand unassisted and is another attention grabber. This packaging is able to hold its shape very well and can support a heavier content. This packaging is more costly than other bag styles.

Coffee beans packaging 3 – The pillow bag is one of the most economical and simplest bag type which lays flat for display purposes. This bag style is often used for fractional, single-serve coffee packaging formats. This is the least costly packaging to produce.

Coffee beans packaging 4 – This bag-in-bag style where the fractional packs of coffee are packed into larger package for food service or bulk sale purposes.

Coffee beans packaging 5 – The Doypack packaging style or stand up pouch comes with a flat top and a rounded, oval shaped bottom. It gives an impression of a premium, small batch product. It is often fitted with zippers, and is favoured for its convenience. This bag style is more costly than the simpler ones.

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