.com, .net, .org? Tips before finalizing your new website’s domain name extension

Most business owners looking to establish their first business website struggle with the decision on which domain name extension to use. Of course, the .com domain is the best choice for a domain name because it’s the most common. However, you might have noticed that other types are being used by big businesses that seem to work as well.

While multiple choice can be good, small businesses, consumers and website owners may be overwhelmed by the different options and have a lot of considerations about which domain extension is the right fit for them or their brand.

Here are some tips that will help you in finalizing your new website’s domain name extension.

The domain extension should inspire people’s trust

There are multiple types of domain name extensions used for different reasons. Most people assume domain extensions like .com and .net when thinking of the internet. However, other domain extensions gained popularity like .org used by non-profit organizations and .net as an alternative to .com.

Considerations to register your domain name on variety of extensions

It’s very common for businesses and individuals to register multiple domain name extensions, which creates a domain portfolio to assist their digital strategies. Some businesses may target specific locations and buyer preferences, so it makes sense that they’d register multiple domain names that reflect their targeting, whether they’re product, location, or demographic.

For instance, if your website will have a video section, you can acquire a .tv extension and point the domain name to that part of your website. The key to building your domain portfolio is to be informed about your options, have a strategy and choose domain extensions that will serve the specific purpose you want.

Choosing from your alternatives

If you can’t find an available .com, then .net and .org are the next viable options.  They’re tolerable, but if you will use them, take note that your customers may still type in .com by accident.  It’s not really a big concern or a deal breaker but consider it anyway.

You might want to steer clear from all the other extensions (such as .biz, .pro, .me, .info). It’s also likely that most of your customers aren’t familiar with them.  However, as time passes they may become more acceptable.

Ensuring that your domain name will work

All domain extension operates under a domain registry who is responsible for operating and maintaining the infrastructure that makes it possible for domains to function. The reliability with which a domain registry provider will affect the reliability of the domain names under it. Therefore, you must purchase your domain name through tried and proven providers like Crazy Domains NZ, which offers tools such as domain name lookup, purchase, and registry.

Going with a service provider with a proven track record of success and stability is always the right move.

End Note

At the end of the day, availability is still the most important because if the domain name you want isn’t available for purchase, then it doesn’t matter how good it is.  The best way to boost the chances of the domain name you want to be available is for it to be specific, unique and creative.

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