Considerations to Make when Choosing Furniture for Your Laboratory

All scientists required a wealth of specialized furniture to complete their work. This ensures their work environment is safe and comfortable, but also that they can conduct experiments in a controlled environment. This is why they must work together with high quality cleanroom pass box manufacturers, who understand the relevant procedures and standards to avoid contamination. However, other pieces of furniture are also required, and they must all meet all the necessary requirements.

What Furniture Do You Need?

The type of furniture you have to get will vary depending on the lab. However, almost all will require at least some of the following:

  1. Apparel dispensers, which stores the gowns, scrubs, and other clean clothing, including what must be worn in the cleanroom.
  2. Mini hoods and balance shields, which should be made of a clear material.
  3. Benches that are heat and corrosion resistant so that they can be used in various experiments and tests.
  4. Drawers and cabinets, although these may have to be removed in full cleanrooms, where very stringent environmental controls are in place.
  5. Fume hoods, which have been designed to make sure the air within the laboratory is clean and free from airborne particles.

It is very important that you know which of the above you will need, how many of them, and which specifications they have to meet. This will make your overall purchasing experience a lot easier and more convenient.

Choosing Your Furniture

Now that you know what you need, you have to choose it. There are three key things to take into consideration at this point:

  1. The quality, which has to be superior to any other type of furniture. It should have been tested under stringent circumstances for functionality and durability.
  2. That the product functions as expected. This means you have to know what type of properties the items must have, including things such as humidity controls, corrosion resistance, temperature settings, and so on. These elements also have to do with the safety of the laboratory technicians, so its importance cannot be stressed enough.
  3. That you stick to a budget. This is perhaps the hardest one, not in the least because you will quickly find that laboratory furniture is quite expensive. Do not, however, opt for things just because they are cheaper. The two considerations about – quality and functionality – is far more important.

Finding laboratory furniture and equipment can be a stressful and very expensive endeavor. However, it has to be done and it has to be done right. These pieces of equipment are used in highly controlled environments and the slightest mistake could mean the end of an experiment. The smallest contamination in a sterile room, for instance, may mean that you have to completely decontaminate the room, at a considerable expense, while having to repeat the same experiment once again at a later stage, having wasted both time and money. You simply cannot cut corners when it comes to laboratories.

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