Getting Online And Staying Online

Staying connected to the internet today is almost paramount in all things we do. We go online to do just about everything in today’s modern world of technology. For some of us we stay connected to monitor our bodies to stay healthy and for others, use the internet for work.


For those just getting to know the online world, WiFi simply is the ability to get connected to the internet without being tethered to a router with a wire. For instance, the earlier years of the internet consisted of consumers having to connect their devices with a wire to their routers. Then, they got onto their device and had to manually connect to the internet. This can take a lot of time and internet speeds then are nothing compared to available internet speeds today. That was the “norm” then. Today, consumers can break free from being tethered and can stay connected anytime and at anywhere with fast-internet connection speeds through WiFi providers.

Wired Versus WiFi

At times, wired connections are still a must. For example, businesses usually prefer the use of wired connections for their businesses. Wired connections can provide a more stable connection to the internet because consumers do not have to worry about signal interference. With fiber optics available throughout the country, being tethered doesn’t normally mean it is a bad thing.

WiFi, on the other hand, can provide mobility to be able to move your devices around an area without having to worry about bringing a wire along with you. WiFi internet can also provide fast internet speeds with the convenience of being wireless. For instance, you’re watching a video online on your computer in your home office. You get hungry and need to prepare some food but also want to continue watching the online video. By having WiFi, you can bring your device with you to the kitchen and stay connected to the internet while you prepare your meal. WiFi is also most beneficial to those who are on the go and need to stay connected anywhere. The best option is to subscribe with a WiFi-only internet service provider. With this type of service, you can stay connected at home or on the go. This makes this option most convenient for freelancers or those who telecommute for work.

Best of Both Worlds

With internet service providers today, consumers can have both wired and wireless connectivity at your home and or business. Most routers that can be purchased or provided by internet service providers allow consumers to connect to the internet through a wired or WiFi connection. This allows users who need a stable connection to stay connected with the use of a wire, but also allows those who have multiple devices to stay connected without one.

WiFi Security

By now you might be thinking, “Obviously with a wired connection, you can see who is connected to the router. How about WiFi? How do you know if it’s secure?” WiFi routers allow an administrator to log into the router to check various information about your WiFi connection. The most important feature is the ability to “check” devices that are currently connected to the WiFi router. If you find there is unauthorized access, there are features in the router’s software to enable to block or filter connectivity. There is also a feature in most WiFi routers that allow you to schedule internet usage. This is helpful for those with younger children and teenagers. For instance, an administrator can set up to allow certain devices on the network to only be able to access the internet at only certain times and on certain days.

Internet Service Providers

In a highly competitive market today, there many internet providers offering a wide range of services for consumers. You will need to think about the number of people who will be connected to the internet and what the internet will be used for. For instance, you may use the internet for work but also have children at home who love to stream movies online. You should opt for an internet service that provides the speed for both those activities. For those who freelance or telecommute and do not want to be stuck in one location, a WiFi-only internet service provider is recommended for you. It provides maximum mobility and convenience to stay connected anywhere.

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