Why Your Business Needs A Proxy Server

The terms proxy servers and VPNs have been thrown around pretty regularly over the past few years. It’s easy to see why as they’ve become more and more popular over the past decade or so. This is because they’ve got quite a few features that can benefit a business. Having said that, the average business owner only vaguely knows what either a proxy server or a VPN is. Those that know a little bit about proxy services automatically assume that they’re just used for accessing Netflix content from other countries or something similar.

However, they can be used for a whole lot more than that, especially for a business. A proxy server, such as ones from the likes of TorGuard, serve as an intermediary between your computer and another Internet server and effectively hides your IP address. This is the basis of many of the benefits an IP server can have for your business. With that in mind, there are a few significant benefits that your business can get from one.

Improved Security

Every business needs to be worried about their security, but physical security isn’t the only thing that companies need to protect themselves against in the modern world. Cyber attacks can be a significant threat for many businesses which need to be protected against. After all, if someone manages to hack into your server then it can be somewhat costly. The cost can be financial as well as with your public image. However, a proxy server offers an additional security measure against hackers and will prevent many data breaches from occurring.

They essentially work as somewhat of a buffer between your network and the Internet, which makes it somewhat more difficult for someone to gain access to your network. While a hacker may be able to gain access to a proxy server, it would be a lot more difficult to then gain access to where your data and information is stored. While it may not be as effective as more focused security techniques, it’s an affordable form of protection form start-ups and SMEs.

Balance Traffic So Servers Don’t Crash

If your website is something that generates a significant amount of traffic daily, then you wouldn’t want it to go down for any period. This is even truer for companies who sell their products through their website. Nothing could be worse, both for you and your customers, as not only does this result in no sales for you when your website is down, but your customers will get quite irritated. A proxy server, however, can reduce the chances of this happening significantly.

When combined with cloud storage, a proxy server can bring all of your content together under one URL for your customers. This ensures that your website is held across a number of places in the cloud and the proxy server provides the one portal for your customers to see all of that content. This significantly reduces the chances of your website going down while ensuring that your customers are always able to access the website with ease.

Control Employee Internet Usage

Every business owner wants their employees to be as productive as possible but can’t afford to monitor their behavior constantly. This is especially true if there are certain websites that you don’t want your employees using while they’re working, such as Facebook or other social media. With a proxy server, you’ll be able to pick and choose which websites can be accessed through the companies network.

Because of that, if you want to block off any social media platforms so that your employees won’t waste time on them, then you’ll be able to do so. There’s also the fact that a proxy server allows you to choose which devices can access your Internet connection. Because of that, you’ll be able to ensure that only your employees or other appropriate people will be able to access it. Combined with knowing which websites are being visited, this will allow security to monitor who’s using your Internet and what exactly they’re looking at.

With those kinds of benefits, what’s stopping you from getting a proxy server for your business? They’ll have a significant impact on many areas of your business, and many are quite a bit more affordable than you’d assume. A proxy server is something that will keep helping your business long after the original investment.

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