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It seems like any day now you can open the newspaper or turn on the television and there’s a new story about a prominent politician or a corporation having its emails hacked. The truth is, it’s so common because it is not difficult to intercept and read emails at all, and even people sending sensitive information, from banking information to patented designs, do not always use the proper security measures.

One of the few sure ways to make sure that your emails are invulnerable to prying eyes is using BlackBerry PGP encryption, a security technology that uses an advanced algorithm to encrypt your message, relying on a system of public and private keys unique to your device to decrypt messages. In order to become a PGP encryption reseller, partner with a company that provides the PGP encryption technology on a prepaid basis. Either you or the customer can supply the device and SIM card, though some PGP encryption companies also offer SIM cards that are ready to be activated, significantly reducing set-up time.

When you become a BlackBerry PGP encryption reseller with a company like Myntex, they will provide you with all of the resources you need to understand and explain the technology to your clients. They provide easy-to-understand user manuals and explain the process of setting up PGP encryption on your clients’ devices. In fact, the recent launch of their portal has made it even easier for resellers to manage their clients and deal with Myntex. The portal allows resellers to easily activate devices, cutting down wait times for clients who are spending a significant amount of money, remotely wipe devices if they’re lost, and manage payments. In case you’re still not certain how the technology works or how you can become a reseller, you can always visit for more answers.

Finally, you may be wondering who uses BlackBerry PGP encryption and who you will be selling to. It’s a common technology for journalists, especially those who work as foreign correspondents or who report on government bodies, as it’s a secure way for sources to contact them. Businesses and government bodies themselves also use the technology as it’s a secure way to share valuable data, including financial information, strategic documents, and any other confidential information that could provide a cybercriminal with financial gain.

For example, in 2015, Tech Republic reported on a hacker ring called Butterfly, which used sophisticated hacking techniques to compromise companies like Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. They used malware to spy on email conversations and plant fraudulent emails to gain more information. Using a PGP encrypted BlackBerry device that has, through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, disabled all of the device’s functions besides email, including apps, browsers, GPS, and voice, protects you from malware and spying in addition to encrypting your emails. Business solutions for PGP encryption are a growing business and as corporations and individuals alike become more aware of email security issues, now is a great time to become a reseller.

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