How New Technologies Have Helped Improve Efficiency and Cut Energy Costs

Over the years, technology has proven to be a massive help in terms of boosting energy efficiency. Whether it’s efficiency in the workplace, or in the home – many improvements have been developed to minimise not only the use of energy, but the cost too.

Here we’ll look at how new technology has helped to improve efficiency and cut energy costs.

The development of energy efficient appliances

As the effects of global warming become increasingly worrying, it’s placed a lot of pressure onto manufacturers to lower their carbon footprint. After extensive research and development, manufacturers are now able to produce more energy efficient appliances.

These days, you’ll find when you’re on the lookout for a new appliance, they come with various energy efficient ratings. The most energy efficient appliances have an A* rating due to making use of advanced, energy saving technology.

Increased use of renewable energy

The threat of Global warming has also forced suppliers to look into more renewable sources of energy. Companies like Ovo Energy can now offer 100% renewable energy, which is much better for the planet. What’s more, they even go one step further and plant trees for every new customer who signs up.

Another renewable source of energy that’s becoming increasingly popular thanks to technological developments, is solar panels. These can be fitted to homes and businesses to provide power straight from the sun. The only downside to solar panels I the initial costs of having them installed. There are some government grants available to help home and business owners make their properties more energy efficient, but for many the costs are still unobtainable.

Improved insulation

Insulation can save the average homeowner hundreds of pounds a year in energy costs. The materials used today have come a long way from when insulation was first invented.

Insulating the loft for example, helps to keep in warm air during the winter, and keep hot air out in the summer, making the property much more comfortable. As you won’t be losing as much heat in winter, you won’t need as much fuel to warm up the home.

Overall, there have been a lot of technological improvements which have boosted energy efficiency in the UK. The above are just some of the ways it has helped benefit both the environment and our wallets. Ensuring you choose a responsible energy supplier and invest in energy efficient appliances, could save you a small fortune each year.

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