How Social Media Help Build Customer Loyalty for Small Businesses

Thanks to social media and the various uses that it has evolved to possess, not just individuals but also businesses can benefit from having an active social media presence.

Almost every big brand currently has a dedicated social media page on various platforms which they use to stay in touch with their customers and deliver news updates to them when necessary. But it’s not just big brands and businesses who stand to benefit from using social media. Small businesses also have a lot of benefits they can enjoy from using social media to build customer loyalty, and just some of those benefits are as follows;

1. Sharing

With social media, customers can conveniently share details concerning products and services they are enjoying from a particular business. This is an especially useful marketing tool that small businesses can benefit from at practically no cost. To get the best out of this benefit, it’s better if share buttons are integrated into a business’ website. This way, customers can easily share interesting products they like with their social media friends, thus creating a family of loyal customers.

2. Up to date communication

One of the ways to boost an individual’s confidence in you is to provide them with pertinent information concerning you and your activities. With social media, businesses can release news and product updates within a twinkling of an eye to millions of social media users on various platforms. If a business does this regularly or at least every time there’s something new, customers will enjoy the feeling of being carried along.

3. Brand feels like a friend

A main reason why lots of people engage in social media is because it gives them the opportunity to be friends with people or organizations they might never actually meet in person. If a business handles its social media page appropriately, customers will in time stop thinking of the product or service provider as not just a business, but also as a friend. This can be effectively accomplished, if a business uses social media to frequently rapport with its customers. But in doing this, the business must be careful to follow appropriate social media guidelines in order to avoid a good thing turning bad.

4. Letting customers contribute

With social media, customers have developed a voice they didn’t previously have and that smart businesses cannot afford to ignore. Customer loyalty is immeasurably boosted when businesses listen to this voice and actually implement customer suggestions. This makes customers feel like they are part of the company and people will be loyal to what they are a part of.

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