How Technology Can Help Seniors

There’s no question about technology being a game charger in today’s society, especially for seniors.  Once having to go to nursing homes to receive the latest health care monitoring systems and gadgets, technology is now allowing seniors to age in place. This option is actually preferred by seniors and at least 90% state that they want to stay at home as they age. So, what savvy gadgets are allowing seniors to grow older without moving to a healthcare environment? Consider these 3 ways that technology is helping seniors.

Fall Detection

Falls are very dangerous, as they compromise a seniors ability to remain independent in the home. In fact, today they are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for seniors. However, with wristbands and pendants like Life Alert, seniors can press the help button if they experience a fall. The device will automatically contact 911 and family members right away, even if a senior is unable to press the button themselves with their fall detection software.

Medication Reminders

With advances in health care, many people are able to live longer but they are also taking more medications. It’s not uncommon for older adults to take more than three pills a day, and after a while it can become challenging to remember when to take what. Gadgets like MedMiner and Reminder Rosie have been very advantageous for seniors aging in place.

  • MedMiner is a digital dispenser that unlocks cartridges only when it’s time to take the medication. If it’s not taken, then it beeps as a reminder and a family member is notified.
  • Reminder Rosie is a voice-activated talking clock that tells you when to take your medications. When the medication is taken, the senior can press it to turn it off.

Sensors and More

There are times when loved ones need to have more than just medication reminders and fall detection, which is where GrandCare Systems comes in. GrandCare Systems is a touchscreen device that provides directions, reminders, communication options, and entertainment for seniors living at home. They also have wireless environmental and activity sensors, which can monitor if:

  • Mom or dad got up in the morning
  • They left out of the home
  • There are alarming readings for diabetes, COPD, hypertension and more

In addition, there is a video chatting option, which is great for HIPAA-compliant consultations and conversations with family members.

Aging In Place Is Possible

With technology like the aforementioned, aging in place is a sound option for many seniors today. Caregivers can rest assured knowing that distance is no longer a barrier to reaching their loved ones. For more options, check out Caring People Inc., who also sheds light on the various ways that technology can improve quality of life for seniors that age in place.


Home Care Technology Infographic

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